Why Wars Fail to Bring Peace?

War, the word itself is negative. All its course of action performed to win is disastrous. War is a total destructive, it has never been a productive. It brings misery, death, and destruction to everything. War starts when diplomacy fails. War is not a solution but peace is. War is not a solution to resolve any issues either small or a big one. It ruins lives, destroys the billions’ worth infrastructure, and makes lives miserable.

The root cause is ego, aggression, anger and hostility. The problem mainly, we are facing today in society is violence between man to man and countries because they all need is high position that means they should be in high standards and suppress the weak or poor people so any problem war is not the problem we should over come through better ideas of peace.

Going by world history, war isn’t known as a solution but rather it expands issues. Look at the Second World War. The war was started to solve the problems like racism, expansionism, nationalism, militarism and anti-communism, but later it caused a lot more trouble afterwards. Cold War, anti-colonialism, collapsing economies, whole countries left in ruins and other complex issues by which human race is still suffering from.  

During the World War II America used nuclear weapons against Japan consequently thousands of people died in brutal death. Japan suffers loss of lives and America had economic loss of nuclear weapons. Thus, both suffered in some other way and this act didn’t come to any solution. 

Moving forward, let’s have a look at the world. We live in 21st century. Everything is so advanced; we are coming up with so many advancements in almost every walk of life. We are progressing toward making human living possible on earth to reduce some burden from this world. We are having new discoveries, inventions, and innovations in different walks of life.

War creates destruction but solves no problem. Even after war, there has to be a dialogue. So, have dialogue without a war. Patience, control on comments and diplomacy can resolve problems. The solution to all these conflicts is the negotiation, dialogue and peace- full talks, understanding and patience.

The violence of war is life threatening which can never resolve any dispute. Both the parties practicing war ends in social and economic loss. If a war breaks out then it will affect the countries in the worst way possible. War creates more questions than solutions. War is destruction and there is no way around that. It would result in devastating human and environmental consequences, and set a dangerous precedent.

Peace is the real solution to a conflict because when war ends, peace treaty is signed between warring factions and peace prevails. War is the science of "destruction" The one involved in war only end up in loss of lives socially and economically therefore, the peaceful talks would be more beneficial to solve the disputes.

The world would be so much better if the entire human race worked to solve its problems though dialogue. War is obviously not a solution because it only leads to trouble and chaos. The only remedy to this problem is negotiation and peaceful constructive dialogue. It is imperative to know that dialogue is important and knowledge is power. War has never done anyone any good, and history is the witness to this fact. War is not the solution; dialogue between the two countries is the only solution.


Dr. Meraj Ahmad Meraj

Assistant Professor

Department of Arabic, Aliah University, Kolkata

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