International criminal lawyer to ST: Israel's aggressions are provocations against Syria's allies on behalf of the US

Last Wednesday, Syrian Air Defenses thwarted an Israeli missile attack on Tal al-Harra in the south of Syria ten days after confronting Israeli missile attack on some sites in southwestern Damascus and Quneitra.

These two recent attacks were preceded by many attacks on sites in Hama, Homs, Damascus and Damascus countryside.. What are the goals of these attacks? And what is the punishment for such aggressions?

The Syriatimes e-neswspaper sent these two questions to the international criminal lawyer Christopher C. Black in Canada to answer them.

The lawyer said: "We have to put these attacks in the context of the world powers for control of the region, for control of the oil resources, including of Iran. Syria stands in the way of the plans for US hegemony in the region, and Israel serves as their main ally and enforcer in the region."

He added that Israeli aggression is also about Israeli control of local resources, oil gas, and control of water supplies, as well lands they can expand into.

"The attacks are also provocations against Syria's allies, and designed to put pressure on them as well, but again on behalf of the US and its allies," Mr.Black asserted.

He indicated that Israelis continued to expand their occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territories and they have succeeded, in his view, in sowing discord among the Palestinians so there is no united front to confront them and in weakening their support among Arab nations.

"Marwan Baghouti is still in jail. For they know what he could do if he was free. But in the end what does Israel achieve except increasing the resistance against it, of creating anger and hostility towards it so that in the end it becomes an ever weaker state always reliant on the US for its survival. But this weakness also makes them aggressive, and so the cycle continues," the lawyer affirmed.

He made it clear that under present circumstances there is little chance of Israeli government authorities or military officers facing an international tribunal and so it is fanciful to talk about punishment when there is no authority to judge and apply a punishment agains them except the nations and peoples they attack .

Mr. Black referred to the fact that article No.17 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court deals with aggression, defines it a crime. But that is based on the Nuremberg Principles from the Nuremberg trials in 1946-aggression is a crime against peace, the supreme war crime from which all other war crimes come.

"At Nuremberg the Nazis convicted were hanged... Eichmann was hanged by the Israelis. At the International Criminal Court and war crimes tribunals the maximum sentence is life in prison." The lawyer clarified.

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Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour