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EPPA delegation : South Africa supports Syria against American imperialism and Israeli fascist regime

last month, a delegation representing Ex-Political Prisoners Committee (EPPA) in South Africa visited Syria and held talks with several Syrian officials on supporting resistance against imperialism.

The EPPA delegation was composed of Mr. Mpho Masemola [EPPA Secretary General (heritage and legacy)], Mr Sandy Oupa Lebese [EPPA Socio-economic affairs] and Mr Shaka January Radebe [EPPA Action Committee head].
The Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed Mr. Masemola and Mr. Radebe to shed light on the goals of the visit, their impression of Syria and why South Africa supports Syria in its war against terrorism.

Mr. Masemola said: " We are working on the footsteps of the late Nelson Mandela, in support of the liberation movements around the world, Syria in particular, because the Syrian people supported the African National Congress (ANC) during Apartheid in SA, They supported the Anti Apartheid movement against Apartheid in SA. South Africa after liberation must unequivocally support the Syrian People and army under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad against American imperialism and Israeli Fascist regime in the Middle East."

He made it clear that the purpose of the EPPA delegation's meeting with the Syrian official was to discuss the intensification of the international solidarity movement in support of the resistance in the Southern Hemisphere( Anti Apartheid Movement in SA), South African Development Countries (SADC) support for the resistance in Palestine, International association of Ex-political Prisoners and Detainees, and ANC ruling party in support of the resistance “Mokaouma”.

"South Africa has supported the Axis of Resistance through a peace dialogue that will lead to a negotiated settlement of all the warring factions in Palestine and also in Syria where all terrorist and mercenaries are immediately withdrawn from Syria through the intervention of the UN and the international solidarity movement rally behind Syria and Palestine liberation as well as the call for a United none racial democratic Palestine with the original borders," said Mr. Masemola, who works for the Defense Ministry as a Director in the War Veterans directorate, Chief directorate of Human Resource (CDHR) a directorate that deals with the socio-economic affairs of War veterans and their dependants.

He indicated that the Unity of all the resistance movement both in Lebanon and Syria in the fight against Apartheid Zionism in Israel will be outlined during a conference due to be held in Damascus in October 2019.

6500 prisoners in Israeli jails

Asked about the number of detainees in Israeli jails, Mr. Masemola replied: "In all the Israeli Apartheid jails there are 6500.00 prisoners, who have been detained without a trial and in illegal arbitrary detention which is the violation of human rights according to the Geneva Convention treaty about the right of political prisoners."
His last month's visit to Syria was the first and the most important attraction in the country was the humility, resilient and the resistance of the Syrian people against American imperialism besides the strength of the Syrian People and army under the leadership of President Bashar Assad in defence of the Syrian people.

The strength of Syrian people, army under the leadership of President al-Assad

" I salute the people of Syria in defence of their country against THE AXIS OF EVIL," Mr. Masemola concluded.
On his part, Mr. Radebe said: "I must confess that the impression I had about Syria before going there was that of a war ravaged country and one that harbours groups like Isis. The Western media has painted Syria as a terrorist country which is killing it's own people and the region as a whole; however, when in I arrived Syria, I found a different picture from what we knew and were told.. I have a totally new and hopeful picture of Syria and warmth of its people.Damascus City is so beautiful and clean,the old City is secured.Even though we didn't get to stay long in Syria like we did in Lebanon,but I came to a conclusion that Syria and its people are committed and love their country and it's people."

The delegation met with some resistance groups, and on Friday (The third of May) they went to address a rally in one of the Palestinians camps and to learn more on how Palestinians are living in Syria as their exile area.

It is worth mentioning that the Ex- Robben Island Political Prisoners Veterans association, an association of all ex-political prisoners of SA, was founded with the advice and support of then beloved and late President Comrade Nelson Mandela in 1995, Cape Town at Robben Island or Makana Island as it is affectionately known among former prisoners.

The EPPA is a none profit, a section 21 company which is non-partisan, Anti-Racism, Anti-xenophobia and it also promote Voter, leadership and Political education in communities: it represents men and women who fought against Apartheid Colonialism, these gallant fighters and veterans stood the test of time and passed through the eye of the needle because of their selfless sacrifices in the national democratic struggle in SA. They were incarcerated at Robben Island and other apartheid dungeons in SA.

The EPPA represents the diverse ideological viewpoint of all former liberation movements and depend mainly on donations to address the socio-economic problems that affect ex-political prisoners. The association has decided to organise a series of events in the year 2016 up to 2017, to celebrate the 23 years since the release of political prisoners. The association on its endeavour always briefs the president of the republic about its national and international political programmes, unequivocally in support of the Palestinian State liberation struggle against Apartheid Zionism. The former deputy president and the president of the republic of SA are patrons of the association.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour