Belgian ‘National’ Party’s Head to ST: U.S. Is Playing Again With Fire

Head of the Belgian ‘National’ Party, Hervé Van Laethem, believes that the Americans’ failure in Syria has pushed them to a more direct strategy against Iran.
He told the Syria Times e-newspaper that one of the goals of the US attempt to topple the Syrian government was to weaken Hezbollah, but the opposite happened and maybe now they want to act directly against their number one target [Iran].
“It is certain that the Americans are playing again with fire... Are they crazy enough to cause a real explosion? The problem is that even if it is not the case, this kind of tension can sometimes cause an accident that leads to a war,” Laethem said.
He hopes that the US president Donald Trump is not so much a puppet of the Israelis. “It would spell a major disaster for the region and even the world. Everyone knows that this explosion would not be limited to Iran.”
As for the session held this month by the United Nations on Syria’s Idlib at the request of Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, the Belgian politician said that his country participates in such kind of initiatives to strengthen one of its allies.
“It would be better if Belgium had called some years ago for a UN conference to stop the intervention of foreign forces that were supporting terrorist groups in Syria,” Laethem added, asserting that Belgium is a vassal state of the U.S.
“I don’t believe in the independence of the Belgian diplomacy which seems to me under the direct or indirect control of the USA,” he affirmed.
Moreover, the Belgian politician indicated that many Belgians believe that the war is over in Syria.
“The current great danger is the return of the jihadists of Belgian nationality to Belgium.. That is why we appealed to the Belgian government to re-establish diplomatic relations with Syria in order to be able to cooperate with Syrian security services for identifying the Belgian jihadists who could come back,” Laethem concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour