British Analyst explains why ordinary Britons are questioning what they are being told by their politicians and journalists on Syria

Damascus, (ST) - Today, more and more ordinary Britons are questioning what they are being told by both their politicians and journalists about the fighting in Syria. So, what accounts for that growing doubt in the minds of everyday British people?

That question was answered by the British political analyst Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos.

“Indeed, ordinary Britons are not just questioning; they also harbour serious reservations about the so-called freedom fighters and the so-called emergency workers of the White Helmets, whom the British Government has emphatically championed and supported with British taxpayers' money”, the analyst told the Syria Times e-newspaper.

Dr. Papadopoulos asserted that there are numerous factors behind the growing doubt in British people’s minds. “These factors include how Britons have seen for themselves on social media the heinous crimes against humanity committed by terrorists' groups in Syria which are supported by the UK Government, such as the so-called Free Syrian Army, and they have also seen the White Helmets staging fake attacks and executing Syrian soldiers.”

However, the most important factor, in his estimation, is that there are so many more people today who are professionally covering the conflict in Syria than what there was previously.

 “There are now so many more people who have taken up the cause of investigating and analyzing the fighting in Syria for themselves. We have, to name just a few, the indomitable Vanessa Beeley, who has played a pivotal role in unmasking the infamous White Helmets; we have Eva Bartlett, who helped to expose the diabolical nature of terrorist rule in East Aleppo; and we have Peter Ford, a former British ambassador to Syria, who has relayed his knowledge and understanding of Syria to the British public”, the analyst stated.

 Dr. Papadopoulos was among the first out of the trenches in 2011 to combat the malicious lies which were being told by the West against Syria.

“Back in 2011, when the terrorist rebellion in Syria began, there were only a handful of us, including myself, Maram Susli, Sharmine Narwani and Peter Lavelle, who took to television, radio and social media, together with penning articles, to challenge the narrative of the British and American governments which, in essence, labelled the fighting as a contest between good - the armed groups backed by the West - and evil - the Syrian Government”, he said.

Dr. Papadopoulos added that: “For nearly five years, from 2011 to 2016, it was virtually just us who were exposing the terrorists for who they really were, namely, murderous psychopaths of the highest order.” 

The forces of darkness versus the forces of truth and justice

Dr. Papadopoulos recounted about that period: “Those years were dark and lonely ones for us and we received vitriolic abuse for our endeavors to tell the truth and defend Syria and the Syrian people from the onslaught of hordes of Wahhabi killers, but we still managed to expose the deceit of both the British Government and British mainstream media on Syria.”

Commenting on the current numbers of people involved in covering the fighting in Syria, he asserted that: “Because of our strength in numbers today, the narrative of both the British Government and British mainstream media on Syria has been broken apart and is laid bare for all to see in the UK.”

Concerning their methods to convey the truth to more people in the West, Dr. Papadopoulos said that: “We appear on television, including mainstream news channels in the UK, we give speeches at home and abroad, we pen articles, we travel to Syria, we speak with and interview Syrians, we are active across social media, we take every opportunity to sit down with ordinary Britons and explain to them about the war which the West and its regional allies brought to Syria, and we tell the British public that the UK has neither a free nor independent media and that, instead, outlets like BBC News, Channel 4 News, The Times, The Guardian and The Spectator are part of the British establishment and hence are not credible and that they are, instead, simply propaganda outlets.”  

He underscored that the British establishment has wielded its media, which is a deadly weapon at its disposal, against people in the public eye who dare to challenge the UK's official narrative on Syria. 

“Our views are denigrated and our characters assassinated. What we say is distorted, we are accused of being uneducated, mentally ill or extremist, and we are portrayed as being apologists or propagandists.  I, myself, have been viciously attacked by a whole host of British national newspapers, including The Sun, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Spectator, in which I have been described as "defending the brutal war in Syria", "controversial", a "Russian propagandist", an "Iranian propagandist" and a "left-wing agitator".  And an American newspaper called me a "Russian agent".  So much for British and American democracy”, Dr. Papadopoulos lamented.

President Bashar al-Assad is the guardian of all ethnic and religious groups in Syria

Dr. Papadopoulos vowed to continue to do what he has been doing since 2011 - telling the truth about the fighting in Syria; informing Britons about Syria's secular and multi-confessional system where churches and mosques stand side-by-side; explaining how President Bashar al-Assad is the guardian of all ethnic and religious groups in Syria, including its large and ancient Christian community; detailing the unbreakable resolve of the Syrian people to defend their country against Western colonialism and Wahhabi terrorism; and emphasizing that the Syrian soldier is a friend to the British people as both have had to endure the scourge of religious terrorists massacring civilians in their respective towns and cities.

“The attacks on me from British politicians and mainstream media journalists will therefore continue but I will persist; they represent the forces of darkness, while I and my colleagues represent the forces of truth and justice.  My support to Syria and the Syrian people, stemming from my years as a teenager, is imperishable”, the analyst concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour