Pompeo Returns Empty Handed

The visit by US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to Lebanon coincided with an illegitimate declaration by President Trump, who recognized the annexation of the Syrian Golan to the Israeli entity. Trump's recognition is not deplorable to a man who has lost his mental powers, and the American decision will only affect the isolation of America. He and his administration have proved that they are a destabilizing factor for international stability and a factor of domination over the international community.

The illegal declaration on the occupied Syrian Golan clearly reflects the United States' disrespect for international legitimacy and its flagrant violation of its resolutions, in particular resolution 497 of 1981, unanimously adopted by the Security Council, including America.

The international community is called upon to take a responsible stand on the mindless American policy, which is governed by a mentality of hegemony and arrogance that aggravates the situation on the international scene and threatens international peace and security.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came to Lebanon "wielding his weapon" at Hezbollah, imagining that through screams, intimidation and incitement to sedition he would reap what his administration and the previous American administrations have failed to achieve over the past years. He carried a quiver full of threat and intimidation to those who don't respond to him putting the most severe penalties on Hezbollah.  Before this presentation, the US Secretary made a fire speech before Netanyahu to punish all those hostile the Zionist entity, at a time when his flippant President, Trump, "tweets" declaring the second ill-fated «Balfour Declaration», by giving who does not possess to whom he does not deserve.

Pompeo toured Beirut and emptied the quiver of his hatred and the demands of his ally, Netanyahu, in front of senior Lebanese officials from the declaration of war on Hezbollah to Lebanon's concession to Tel Aviv of hundreds of square kilometers of oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea and preventing Syrian refugees from returning home to be used a double pressure paper on Syria and Lebanon, but Pompeo was surprised of what he did not expect. There was an absolute rejection of everything that was presented almost entirely from the highest levels in Lebanon.

Pompeo left Beirut empty-handed with a resounding slap that would make him convinced that Lebanon was no longer trembling for a hint here or a statement there or a veiled threat said by an employee or an ambassador or a US minister. The days of disgrace and blind obedience to the arrogant "Yankee" have gone.

As a result, the Pompeo tour failed at its most important stop in Beirut, while Lebanon, Hezbollah and the resistance generally emerged stronger and more cohesive in preparation for possible hot confrontations.


Sharif Al- Khatib