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Trump's Policy is Tearing Apart the Body of Legitimacy...!

It seems that the American administration has entered a new phase in dealing with international legitimacy; especially that it has been unable to employ the Security Council and its decisions to consolidate the policy of military and economic hegemony. The Russian-Chinese veto is ready to disrupt any resolution that contradicts right, logic and reality.

Some European politicians do not hide their resentment of the policies of US President Donald Trump towards the "old continent", especially regarding the imposition of American dictates on Europeans.

The current situation represented in Washington's control of the international resolution and its policy of supporting terrorism and drawing a map that fits its size through intervening in the internal affairs of countries and working to overthrow the regimes that are not in line with its policy. For all these reasons, voices began rising in Europe calling for an end to walk behind this American destructive policy that is threatening international peace and security and foreshadowing many economic, environmental and military disasters.

The American administration has reached a state of divorce with the Security Council and its resolutions, and its bias towards terrorism practiced by the Takfiri groups, and the states that practice state terrorism in the broad daylight and in public, whereas the beginning of dancing on ropes started with the withdrawal from Climate Agreements and UNESCO, stopping support to UNRWA, and then it moved to a new phase of denouncing the Security Council resolutions and the agreements signed by previous US administrations, especially the Iranian nuclear agreement sponsored by the "5 + 1" countries, as well as the missile attacks against Syria, on the pretext of using " chemical weapons" which has not been proven by any party, noting that all the pretexts on which the US based in the aggression on the Syrian Arab Army forces, all this was done to support the terrorists and was based on flimsy pretexts or justifications that had nothing to do with international law.

The reactions against Trump's recognition of Israel's annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan came from all the honorable people of the world, and even from the United Nations and the European Union. This reflects that the United States belongs to a camp and the Security Council, the United Nations and the world belong to another camp.

The Golan is occupied Syrian Arab territory and its liberation and return to the motherland, Syria, will never be late. The Syrians have great determination to defeat aggression and liberate the occupied Golan. The pure soil of the Golan will be liberated from the atrocity of occupation and the Syrians refuse to give up one grain of their dust.

Sharif Al -Khatib

Editor-in -Chief