3D Message

The three armies - the Iranian, the Iraqi and the Syrian Arab Army - constitute the most important regional military force in our region, and may exceed the region to take global influence. The three armies have not yet wrested their hands from the battles with the various types of terrorists and their supporters. They are engaged in this battle with all seriousness and continuity.

The convergence of the three armies to the level expressed by the Damascus meeting of the Chiefs of Staff gives a message to those who may miss the direct vision of the military reality in the region! Which is the message that defines the first dimension of the meeting. A message that says clearly: We are here as a fighting military force that can't simply be bypassed and jump above the interests that protect them for the three countries and their peoples.

The second dimension is the common interests of the three countries, which are represented by their territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence. They are cooperating to protect, defend and fight for these interests.

The third dimension: No tolerance, no slackness and no retreat in the face of all those who threaten the interests of any of the three countries. Thus, it is a message addressed to terrorism and who supports them and to those who takes the position of the occupier, especially when he invests in terrorism in order to secure his occupation.

The leaders of the three armies said clearly: We will not keep one spot in the three countries subject to other forces except with their permission and consent. There can be no compromise on that or to manipulate the terminology and allegations and alleged partnership in the fight against terrorism.

Therefore, the concerned in the message and its three dimensions is everyone who find himself involved in different positions, whatever and wherever he is. The doors are open to coordination, understanding and reconciliation. Otherwise, force must be used. This is what the Syrian Minister of Defense clarified, in a clear message to all concerned.

Syria must now feel another force, perhaps not missing, but today it is declaring itself to support political and military positions. Therefore, this meeting despite its military character was a political statement with distinction that supports political solutions and the positions of the international community and the United Nations when these positions are placed within the framework of international law and the Charter of the United Nations.


Sharif Al-Khatib

Editor in Chief

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