Incitement to Hate

The massacre in New Zealand can't be seen as an isolated individual crime committed by a foolish idiot. Once it is located in the far reaches of the globe, there is a sign that there is a plan to spread terrorism in any part of the world. The targeting of mosques at once during Friday prayers for the greatest number of victims carries one goal is to inflame hatred and encourage the culture of hatred and extremism and to consolidate the term "Islam phobia", which has become the most dangerous phenomenon to Muslims in the West.

Now, we have to raise the following question. Who is the beneficiary of each crime? A crime at the size of the crime of New Zealand is terrible and affects 1.5 billion Muslims can't occur suddenly and without a link to a major international interest in the continuation of global terrorism. Perhaps avoiding the description of the perpetrator of the massacre as a terrorist, describing him as an armed man in the large American media, and the content showed by President Trump and his faint speech on twitter without condemnation cast doubt on who benefits from continuing to invest in terrorist operations at the global level.

It has become certain that the first producer of terrorism is the United States of America, the first to export this product and its savage bloody ideas to many countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela and many countries in Latin America to spread chaos, killing and destruction. Everyone remembers that President Trump is the one who led campaigns of hatred against Muslims and became the dean of those campaigns, where the extreme right and the trend of white nationalism stepped up with, the most racist of Nazism and fascism.

What does Trump matter if the New Zealand massacre provokes flames of hatred to the fullest extent as long as he called to without shame and of course will not be worried if the wars of "Islam phobia" erupt in Europe and cast the old continent as he describes it to be more vulnerable and begging the White House to give himself the title of " the savior "of terrorism as he brags day and night that he" devastated " the organization of "ISIS" in Syria.

Sharif Al- Khatib


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