European Crocodile Tears in Brussels…!

Some eight years and the Arab fire is still mounting, and Western countries continue to rely on more humanitarian tragedies in the region despite the defeats suffered by the instruments of aggression.

Eight years ago, the economic situation of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Sudan was much better than now. The EU countries that shed crocodile tears were not serious in helping any party. On the contrary, they tried to co-ordinate and cooperate with tyrannical forces to undermine state entities, manufacturing, supplying, inciting and supporting terrorist groups, and its most important focus was on undermining the Syrian state structure as one of the most important countries facing the American-Zionist project.

At the beginning of the crisis, unilateral coercive economic measures were imposed on the livelihood of the Syrian citizen, by contrast, we noticed the incitement the pushed Syrians to neighboring countries, whether through disinformation and the payment of large sums of money or through breach of security and sponsorship of terrorist operations, and all of that was under the banner of what they called "friends of Syria".

Eight years ago, before the false tears shed by European Union countries on the Syrians, there was not a single Syrian refugee. On the contrary, Syria hosted hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the wars launched by America and "Israel". Syria provided relief to every country faced a natural or humanitarian disaster.

What the Brussels Conference witnessed in the absence of the Syrian state, the concerned, was not to support the Syrians as much as it was an occasion to wail, slap and talk about tragedies they had participated in, but they worked on making it and trading with all its components.

A quick look at what happened at the conference, especially the hypocrisy of some participants, confirms the insistence of European countries on the policy of chaos, terrorism and economic sanctions against the Syrian state to prevent reaching a peaceful end to the crisis it faces. The solution to this escalating humanitarian crisis can only be reached with the cooperation of all the parties with Syria by working to end the war of terror and help in finding a political solution that takes into account the interests of the Syrians before others, stop supporting terrorism and lifting the siege policy and economic sanction. Otherwise, all that the West is doing is a waste of time.

Helping the Syrians is not done through slander forums as recently held in Brussels, but requires stopping the conspiracy and lifting the unjust economic siege and standing by the Syrian state, the people and the Syrian Arab army who fought terrorism in defense of his country and all the countries of the world. And then there will be no Syrian citizen in need of relief aid. But Syria will return as it was before the (Euro-American-Zionist) plot to provide relief aid for each afflicted country in record time.

Sharif Al- Khatib


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