Military Deals and Gifts Worth Millions of Dollars to Erdogan




To achieve his goal in getting material and financial gains, Erdogan has accepted to be a malleable tool to the U.S. Administration as to implement its plans against Syria, ignoring the strong relations linking the two neighboring countries.

This is the reality of the Turkish change against the strategic relations with Syria, against the ties of friendship and brotherhood- which might mean for Erdogan only ''Moslem Brotherhood'', and in disregard for the efforts exerted by the Syrian Leadership to make of Turkey a major player in the Arab world.

Erdogan's outrage in Davos Fourm over the Israeli aggression against Gaza Strip and his wrath for the victims of Turkish Marmara Freedom Flotilla have appeared to be but a big lie. His hallucination of becoming the Ottoman Sultan of the 21st century has turned him into a dagger in the US dirty hands to stab Syria, and in the back!

Could Erdogan's personal interests and his involvement in conspiring against Syria make him forget the "blood" of the nine Turkish citizens, who were martyred in the Marmara Israeli aggression? Has Erdogan lost his memory for material gains; has he opted to take side with Israel against Syria and ignore the blood of his Turkish fellow citizens in expression of his "apology" to his Israeli masters!

According to well-informed Arab sources, Erdogan's anti-Syria  policies, not to mention his alliances with the armed and extremist terrorist groups, have enabled him to achieve- if to say-  a lot of financial gains,  and many of the political, military and economic deals with the United States and other US Satellite Western Countries. One can't here but to wonder whether such anti-Syria policies would be Erdogan's trump card to make the long-awaited for dream of EU membership a reality!

 The well-informed sources asserted, according to ''Manar'' Newspaper, that the Turkish gains came in the form of sophisticated  American and Israeli weapons  and at low price , in addition to Washington's initiative to re-build  Turkish-Israeli friendship, an important issue for Erdogan's Justice and Development Party.

 Actually what Erdogan got of bribes, including the Qatari bribes exceeding billions of US dollars, in no way could equal a drop of the Syrian blood shed by the Turkish-backed and trained mercenary terrorists.


Hanan Shmmout