Carla Ortiz to ST: Syria is truly a country of love and peace

Over the past three years, she has fully dedicated her life to help end the war and lift sanctions on the Syrian people, and her big final plan is to release this year her film “Voice Of Syria” that has become the most beautiful journey of her life.

Carla Ortiz, the Bolivian actress and activist, who has made more than 10 trips to what she described as her second country [Syria] and has been on the ground in 80% of the country in ‘rebel’ and government areas, feels responsibility to pass the message that Syria is truly a country of love and peace.

 “I have been coming to Syria my second country since the beginning of 2016. I have made several trips (more than 10). I have been on the ground in 80% of the country in ''rebel'' and government areas.

This is why I Know what Syrians want. I have been documenting for 3 years the “Voice of Syria” a doc film that has become the most beautiful journey of my life. I have fallen in Love with Syria, with Syrians and their resilience. I never seen anything like that,” she told the Syria Times e-newspaper, hoping that her documentary film can be an instrument of peace and part of the reconstruction of Syria.

It is a real honor

The renowned actress made it clear that she supports Syria because she knows Syria and She knows the Syrian people.

 “I know the truth! I know that nobody wanted a war. No one wanted killings, no one wanted all this disaster. The world needs to know that Syria is truly a country of love and peace! I feel responsible to pass this message. This is what I have been doing though my social media, my interviews,  my talks in universities, (5 already), my meetings with parliament members, congressmen, presidents and NGO’s. I have had 3 talks at Human rights organizations and also for the UN,” Ortiz stated.

She stressed that the reactions of viewers to videos she posted on Syria were amazing. “We have had a very positive response and great reach...People have been following from all over the world. The people in the west are good people with warm hearts, we are just misinformed with one sided information imprecise. But this happens on all sides of conflicts. We only see one side of the problem. I love what I am doing….. It is a real honor.”

Ortiz has participated last October in a three-day activity held at Liberty University on peace talks and end of intervention in Syria.

“We had a beautiful intense 3 day back to back classes for students of foreign policy, law making and social studies with Senator Richard Black for US congress and Reuben Egolf from US global leadership council. We gave them an overall on Syria we talked about the Assyrians and the original Christians in the middle east. It was inspiring to see the American young Christians connect to the roots of Aramaic and the beginning of world civilization in Christianity and Islam,” she said.

The speakers in the activity explained the conflict in Syria and the war of 8 years along with the interest of all nations involved in the conflict. “The outcome was just incredible. They were really touched and you could honestly see the interest of the institution, professors and students to pursue conversations of peace and end of intervention in Syria. Some decided to start some new movements to support specific themes in Syria.”

Constructive dialogues

Another activity was held in the National Press club- with the participation of 30 journalists-and it was something amazing, according to the actress, who told us what happened there.

 “We were not allowed to present any audiovisual material. So it was an actual conversation. Many of them have worked in the pentagon or Capitol Hill. Many of them understood the war very clearly. Others did not agree with all that was exposed, but it was an exchange of ideas and actions that can truly help inform better about Syria,” Ortiz clarified.  

She underscored the need to talk to the people that are misinformed or the ones that have only one side of the story.

 “If we don’t open constructive dialogues, we will never find real solutions….Syrians are doing a great job themselves but the international community must help lift the sanctions…  All the journalists that night understood the urgency of this matter. So, I considered it a total success!”

Asked about the impression she got during her recent visit to Syria, Ortiz replied: “I am always amazed to see how fast Syrians rebuild their lives…I’ve been in Aleppo several times…. I went this November last and I had tears in my eyes of the emotion to see the Aleppians [Aleppo citizens] so stablished. Many businessmen are back investing in their country, people rebuilding the roads, opening stores, schools, restaurants and hotels are functioning again…The same goes to Damascus, Homs and other cities. But I have to say that I was mostly impressed with Aleppo because I was there in November 2016 during the battle and makes my heart warm to see so alive again.”

Add to that, she was impressed with the amount of Women soldiers volunteering.

“In several occasions when I was going to the frontlines, Syrian soldiers were the ones protecting me or any other journalist that was traveling along. What can I say about them? Many of them are the youth and people of Syria and they are sacrificing their lives to save their families from the result of this unjust war that left terror!  no one in the world would like to have at home,” Ortiz said.

She has taken paintings with her from Syria and she intends to make an exhibition soon when she gets all permits and Oks.

“US Customs had detained my shipment for over a year. So, for things like this I need to have patience. We are also working with other projects to bring musicians and artists to Damascus and Palmyra. We, for instance, we had a gorgeous talk in Lericci Italy with #KatharineCooper South African Photographer and Syrian conductor #MissakBaghboudarian, the maestro of the National Orchestra in Damascus about Diplomacy and art. It was so special to talk to other artists.  There were journalist from mainstream media and they had to listen to us.”

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Ortiz concluded by saying: “Just that I am proud of Syrians. I am seeing that reconciliation is happening. Very soon it will be 2 million people that have retuned home. It is beautiful to see my friends from all sides coming along to their beautiful Syria. It is only YOU Syrians that can rebuild your amazing country. So I say thank you to every Syrian I have ever cross paths with! you have given me the most incredible type of love I have ever received form the people! Thank you for feeding me and for protecting me as a family! I love you.”


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour