Sheikha Asia al-Mashi to ST: There must be Syrian tribal Elders Council to serve national interests


The rejection of the Turkish-American plot in the north of Syria by Syrian tribes and clans is important and it is enough to prevent the implementation of the plot because the occupier always seeks to get support and loyalty for its presence in the Syrian territories in order to guarantee the safety of its forces from any possible resistance.

This is what Sheikha Asia al-Mashi said during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper about the recent meeting of Syrian clans and tribes held in Aleppo countryside and the role of rural woman in defending homeland.

“Over the past years, there have been many attempts to attract Syrian tribes and clans by gulf regimes that have tribal background but they failed as Syrian clans and tribes are aware of the plot and conspiracy being hatched against Syria,” the Deputy Director of the Popular Committee Office of Counter- Terrorism in Syria Sheikha al-Mashi clarified.

She indicated that there are hundreds of clans and tribes in Aleppo and Raqqa provinces and they are united due to the fact that most of them descend from the same ancestor.

“All Syrian tribes and clans are patriots and they stand by the Syrian state,” Sheikha al-Mashi asserted, referring to the fact that some of the members of the tribes were misled at the beginning of the war on Syria but they settled their situations in accordance with amnesty decrees issued by president Bashar al-Assad.

Asked about the importance of the meeting held recently in Athriya town in Aleppo countryside, Sheikha al-Mashi replied: “The venue, timing and the huge number of participants reflected the importance of the meeting…The venue itself [Athriya town] was very important because it was a battlefield before liberating it by Syrian soldiers and tribesmen. It is not only the venue but also the huge number of participants, who asserted their adherence to unity in defending homeland.. The participants addressed a strong message to Syrian people’s enemies, who are trying to revive the conspiracy that is now in its final stage.”



Tribes and clans make up about 60% of Syrian social fabric

She underlined that Syrian tribes and clans that represent about 60% of Syrian social fabric must form- in cooperation with Syrian state- a council of elders to be elected by nobles of tribes in order to mobilize capabilities when necessary for serving national interests.

As for Syrian rural woman’s role in defending homeland, Sheikha al-Mashi, who chairs the Charity ‘Inmaa’ Society for Supporting Woman and Child, said: “Syrian rural woman has refused to abandon her land and home despite all difficulties she has faced during the war on the country. A lot of women have lost their husbands and sons in the war but they remained steadfast and they became breadwinners of their families.”

“I want to say to the whole world that we, the national Syrian women- like our husbands, sons and brothers- only accept the Syrian national flag to be hoisted in all areas in our country,” she concluded.


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour