EU member to ST: Syrians great and proud people

The EU and U.S. unjustified sanctions of recent years are likely to have negative effects on Washington and the west for decades as they have lost their credibility and moral leadership all over the world, according to the member of the European Parliament from Germany Udo Voigt, who has affirmed that the EU states are doing what the U.S wants.

Voigt’s remarks came during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper on the European Union’s sanctions against Syria and the union’s future policy towards it.

He made it clear that the bad policy of sanctions harms both the targeted states and the states that have imposed them.

“During my three visits to Syria, I have seen that it is always the poorest of the poor who suffer from the consequences of the unjustified sanctions by the West,“ the German politician said.

“The whole world could see that the ‘fundamental and human rights‘ repeatedly cited by the EU states and the U.S. are not worth the paper on which they are written. Moreover, the states that have been responsible for the war, the invented propaganda provocations, and the unjustified sanctions of recent years have lost credibility around the world,” Voigt added.

He stressed that the EU member states will never admit that they have made a decisive mistake and he can’t imagine Syria doing business with those countries that imposed sanctions on Syria and on its partners Iran and Russia.

“The war against Syria is the result of a failed attempt for "regime change" policy as it was previously staged in Iraq and Libya, where it is known to have ended in disaster. Without Western interference, President Bashar Al-Assad would have stabilized the country, hundreds of thousands of people would still be alive, and millions would not have had to flee. The US and the CIA, along with the policies of the EU states, weakened the Syrian government,” the German politician declared, indicating that Syria is another example of the failures of American geopolitics.

Voigt affirmed that the EU could play no positive role in the political process in Syria right now because it should be able to admit its mistakes and to separate itself from the dominant US role. “ It is unacceptable how the West tries to disclaim its responsibility for the high number of the victims of war on Syria.“

He, in addition, pointed out that the EU information on Syria clearly comes from the propaganda cuisine of the Western intelligence services. 

“The transatlanticists in the EU have succeeded in resurrecting the long-burried Cold War through war propaganda against Syria and Russia. They have strengthened NATO, US dominance in Europe, and the arms industry contracts. I have pointed out exactly this development in various speeches in the European Parliament and could hardly have imagined at the beginning of the conflict how quickly and dynamically the spirits of the past, anti-Russia and pro-Nato and USA, can be brought back to life,” the politician added.

Concerning Israel’s aggressions against Syria, Voigt said: “The aggressions by the Israeli terrorists against Syria are all contrary to international law and the result of brutal power politics. In an incredible arrogance, the current rulers in Israel believe that they can create a policy of ‘coexistence‘ by aggression. Israel can only do this because it knows the US and most EU countries are politically and militarily supporting it. This answers the question why the EU has not condemned Israeli aggression.”

The EU member concluded by saying: “During my visits to Syria (2015, 2016 and 2018), I got to know the Syrians and saw that not only in the past, they were a great people, but they are still a proud people. I saw how the families stick together. I have read in the faces of your young brave soldiers that they are ready to die for the freedom and sovereignty of their country. So I wish this brave people that your President Bashar Al Assad will be able to regain peace, prevent a disaster like that in Iraq and Libya, and speed up the reconstruction of the country destroyed by Western states‘ terrorists!“


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour