Analyst: Syria can deal a painful blow to Zionist enemy


Syria practices self-restraint in countering Israeli enemy’s repeated missile aggressions thus far, but it can deal a painful blow to the enemy in the near future, according to the Syrian political analyst Dr. Alaa Asfari.

The analyst said in an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper that Syrian air forces are able to hit north of Israel by ground-to-ground missiles and to down Israel’s F-35 stealth fighters in ambushes. “I think that they do not do that now because of Russia’s advice. However, they will do it in the near future”. 

“Apparently, Israeli enemy claims that it combats Iranian presence in Syria; however, its main goals are to hinder Syrian army’s advance in fighting terrorism and to hit strategic stores,” he added.

Dr. Asfari affirmed that Israeli enemy’s repeated missile aggressions against Syria are desperate attempts to vanish victories being realized by Syrian army that recaptured over 85% of area previously occupied by foreign-backed terrorist groups.

He, in addition, indicated that the aggressions are also messages to the axis of resistance- Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran-  that Israel is ready to carry out attacks whenever it can do it as the whole world turns a blind eye to its acts.

 As for the importance of letters the Syrian Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs sends to the United Nations on Israel’s repeated aggressions, the analyst made it clear that these letters prove that UN, UNSC and international community can play no role against Israel and they support it.

US withdrawal from Syria

The major supporter of Israel [Zionist entity], namely the United States, has announced that it will withdraw its troops from Syria, putting its own interests ahead of Israel’s interests.  

“Israel is panicking as the US will withdraw its troops from Syria.” the analyst stated, pointing out that Israel would be happy when the United States drowns in the swamp of war in Syria because it wants Washington to be involved in a war against Syria, Russia and all allied forces in Syria.

“The US wants to withdraw from Syria to prevent the death of its troops,” Dr. Asfari asserted, referring to Israel’s support for the Kurds, who demand for independence in Syria and Iraq.  

“The Israelis exist in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and in Erbil…. They have also helped Kurds to set up barricades to prevent Syrian army’s advance when Peshmerga forces came to Syrian-Iraqi border under the pretext of defending the Kurds, who demand for independence, against Turkey and its mercenaries,” the analyst said.

He concluded by saying that Syrian army will liberate every inch of Syria.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour