Syrian political writer: Al-Nusra Front tries to force Turkey to adopt it as the only front in Idlib and Aleppo countryside

The American President Donald Trump’s announcement to withdraw all 2,000 US forces from Syria has accelerated the events at regional and international levels and has pushed regional powers to move quickly in an attempt to fill the vacuum that may be left when US president follows through with his announcement, according to Syrian political writer Dr. Ahmad Alderzi.  

The writer told the Syria Times e-newspaper: “The rapid developments, in turn, reflected on local forces that do not operate under the control of Damascus to reconsider their positions in order to be ready for the next stage, and hence it is possible to understand the quick movement of al-Nusra Front to capture the largest area it can in the north of Syria and to get rid of its rivals, who can be used by Turkey to eliminate the front under the pretext of defeating terrorist organizations.”

He made it clear that al-Nusra Front, which was blacklisted by UN Security council in 2013, tries to impose a fait accompli on Turkey to adopt it as the only front in Idlib and the western countryside of Aleppo. “The front depends on financial and military support it has received from Qatar via Turkey during the past years and up till now.”

“The recent movement of al-Nusra Front in the north of Syria is a proactive defense operation to impose a fait accompli that forces Turkey, which recognizes the front as a terror group, to defend it till the end.,” Dr. Alderzi asserted, pointing out that the front bets on the fact that if Tukey abandons it, it will lose all its card to put pressure on Damascus and Tehran and Moscow in political process.

“This scenario is not temporary...It is a question of life or death for the front,” he added.

US must eventually withdraw from Syria

Asked about his comment on the remark made by White House national security adviser John Bolton on conditions for US withdrawal from Syria, the analyst replied: “Naturally, Turkey will never seek to kill Kurds unless there is a direct threat to its national security.  However, it seeks to reach its goals in the north of Syria in order to build the 1920 Milli designed territories for a Turkish nation. These goals are: creating forced displacement of Kurds towards Syria, replacing the Syrian Kurds by Arabs and Turkmans, who are loyal to Turkey.” 

“Moreover, the US withdrawal from Syria is not connected to any US obligations towards any party. US policy is based on its gains and losses. It has to withdraw eventually either because of US internal contradictions or the comprehensive will of Damascus, Moscow and Tehran,” Dr. Alderzi stated.

He went on to say: The US withdrawal decision is a slap in the face for Israel and Arab countries involved in the war against Syria. Syria will restore its regional role which is against Israel’s policies.”

The analyst, in addition, underlined that Damascus and Syrian Kurds have mutual interest in reaching a solution through dialogue- according to available choices. “The solution will enable Damascus to recapture all areas in the north and east of Euphrates and it will allow Syrian Kurds to protect these areas and cultural rights besides developing article No.107 in 2012 constitution related to administrative decentralization. In this case, one of Turkish pretexts will end.”

“US has bet on the Syrian Kurds leaders in an attempt to cut the road between Tehran, Baghdad and Damascus. Therefore, it has not recognized self-administration established by Syrian Kurdish leaders and has not intervened in their internal affairs,” Dr. Alderzi affirmed.

He concluded by saying: “”After so many experiences over the past 8 years, US has realized that it has no Syrian political card to represent it in Syrian political process.” 


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour