Research Centers And National Mind

Research and studies centers play a major role in the development and performance of state institutions, through their ideas, visions and solutions to the many issues and challenges facing governments and countries in general, through their specialized mental capacities in all fields.

In view of the importance of these strategic research centers, many countries around the world allocate large sums to their annual budgets, provide them with various assistance and all the reasons for success, deal with what they produce with a high degree of importance, integrate them into their annual plans and adopt them as strategic visions.

And if we notice the future studies and researches provided by these centers, we find that it is important to pay attention to what comes to them, as well as to public opinion and the level of challenge in a world where change, renewal and creativity are essential characteristics of the need to possess the tools of knowledge and keep up with what is new.

As a result, the investment of the national mind and national energies in all its forms has become a real necessity and challenge facing all governments and institutions and must be treated with a high degree of national and moral responsibility because it is an urgent need and a real wealth, especially as our country is going through difficult and harsh conditions.

Any country of the world does not build, protect and preserve its dignity unless its loyal sons of their country . they are not governed by certain ambitions, whims or agendas. Perhaps the sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab people and their armed forces in defense of Syria make it the reliable model for rebuilding what is destroyed on the basis of stability Social and national consensus based on the idea that Syria is a state for all its citizens and does not need a definition of its identity

Dr.Khalaf AlMuftah

E&T: Lama Razzok