ICC Chairman in US believes things will improve for Syria

There is an apparent effort to change the current distribution model for oil and gas in the Middle East that can occur only by destabilizing other Middle Eastern Countries,  Mr. Marcus Southworth, Chairman of the International Conciliation Council in the United States, told the Syria Times e-newspaper. He expected escalation in Saudi Arabia and Qatar plus more problems for Iraq and Iran on the horizon.

Mr. Southworth commented on Trump’s declaration yesterday of victory over ISIS by saying that, “ISIS fighters have been supported financially and otherwise through a conspiring coalition that includes the US.”  It appears that conspirators against Syria are conceding to defeat and diplomatically adjusting their plans.

“There is some shifting of resources to other puppet-like organizations, like the Kurds.  One indication of this shift is apparent in how the oil refining and power generating facilities in Syria captured by ISIS were then surrendered to the Kurds in one day.  There was no battle, no negotiated settlement.  ISIS left those assets and handed them over to Kurdish rebels without conflict.  Why would they do that?” he said, affirming that a global war against Syria was carefully conceived and planned by a small group of ultra wealthy families and implemented by distorting information and reports about President Assad and the Syrian government.

“There is a global war against Syria.  The plan for this war was carefully conceived.  Those behind the plan are among a small group of ultra wealthy families.  They own and control the Federal Reserve Bank of the US, European countries, including the Bank of England and Deutsche Bank.  They own controlling interests in Mobil Oil, Exxon, Shell and many others.  They own substantial interests in most Fortune 500 Companies.  This formidable organization owns large and influential news/media conglomerates.  That is why we have such sensational reports on the reasons, or rational, to justify a Syrian war.  There has been a consistent effort to discredit the 'regime' implicating the use of chemical weapons, and other false reports,” added Mr. Southworth.

Money & Power

He stressed that this secret organization influences governments and organizations around the world.  The real reason for a global war against Syria is motivated entirely by money and power.  ISIS, Al Nusra, Hayet Tahrir al-Sam, Al Qaeda, Syrian Free Army and others are merely hired guns.  They receive all of their support and financial backing indirectly stemming from this ultra elite organization. 

 “I believe that not many people in our government understand or believe what is going on to influence their support of the Syrian 'rebels'.  They are acting on false information that was prepared to influence their decisions.  The CIA, the FBI, the Federal Reserve and other powerful agencies within the US government are not required to report their activities to anyone.  That is why this kind of thing works.  We call it "Deep State", etc.,”ICC chairman stated.

He underscored that the US Administration is dealing with criminal organizations that are funded by ultra elite families whose goal is to control the world.  Their agenda often goes under the name of the "New World Order", others refer to it as the "Iluminati".  Many have tried to discredit their existence.  But with the improvement of technology and information, the truth is becoming much more discoverable and apparent.

In 2015, Mr. Southworth met the Syrian Republic’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badereddin Hassoun, who explained to him: “the West uses terms that are not well understood in the Middle East like; Islamic Moderates, Islamic Fundamentalists or Islamic Terrorists.”  Mr. Southworth asked, “what do you call them.”  He replied, “Criminals, we call them criminals, they have nothing to do with Islam.”  Mr. Southworth concludes, “This is not a religious war.  It is a criminal act against a sovereign nation to gain port access, substantial natural resources and distribution channels for oil and gas among other things.

ICC Chairman hopes to influence an effort to reduce or eliminate US and UN sanctions against Syria as a precursor to the reconstruction, rebuilding and resettlement of Syria.

The International Conciliation Council (Non-Governmental Institution) visited Damascus in November 2017: to help raise awareness and correct misunderstandings in US and other countries about the conflict in Syria; to encourage diplomatic relations between Syria and the USA; to instill a sense of compassion, concern and empathy towards our Syrian brothers; to support discussion for the immediate release of political and economic sanctions against Syria, and to  honor the magnanimous efforts of Syrian leadership for its efforts to maintain a functional status quo and still preserve the dignity of its people in spite of the ravages of war.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour