NOSTIA chairperson to ST: “Syria’s victory over foreign-backed terrorism has changed the balance of power."


France, which is one of the member states of European Union, has lost its national sovereignty since a long time as it is obligated to implement US decisions at economic and political levels at the expense of French people’s interests. 

This is what Chairperson of NOSTIA [Network of Syrian Scientists, Technologists and Innovators Abroad] Dr. Aysar al-Midani stressed during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper about France crisis and relations between US and EU.

“France has been obligated to stop selling products to Iran and Russia because of US sanctions against these two countries and it has transited from manufacturing economy to service one. One of the French companies was selling 380.000 cars to Iran every year but it was obligated to stop exporting the cars to Tehran because of the US sanctions against this country. Consequently, two factories were closed and 4000 workers lost their jobs.. This is just one example about the results of implementing the US sanctions by Europe,” Dr. al-Midani said, clarifying that the US shares in the French company were less than 7%.


She went on to say that Russia was importing wheat, vegetable, meat and cheese from France but this was banned for the same above mentioned reason and hence a lot of French farmers went bankrupt and they became unable to pay off loans they got to do business in agricultural and livestock breeding sectors.

Actually, most of French people has become in the red and they can’t afford to eat because of the US hegemony and the rise in taxes. The people have low salaries and pay too much taxes and the combination is creating more and more poverty, while multinational corporations, such as Nestlé, pay no taxes.

The EU economic policy is based on declining productivity and increasing monopoly and it puts the interest of multinational corporations a head of national economy.

US policy is based on destroying its competitors

For these reasons, the ‘Yellow vest’ protesters took to the streets of Paris last month and continued to protest against French government’s economic and political policies, calling for President Emmanuel Macron’s resignation.  

“Macron’s resignation must coincide with reconsidering France’s policy towards the United States and the European Union to solve the crisis in Paris,” Dr. al-Midani stated, affirming that US does not care about its people and the peoples all over the world.

“US sanctions against Iran and Russia damage the EU economy because Europe has relations with the Middle East, Russia and eastern European countries. Besides, US has imposed high tariffs on EU products to be exported to it. All this comes within the US policy based on destroying its competitors,” NOSTIA chairperson added, referring to the fact that Washington considers the Latin American countries, which reject American hegemony, as enemies and it tries to incite revolutions inside these countries.

The US policy to keep the world market under its control will never last due to the fact that major powers are being formed to confront US hegemony through not using US dollar currency in trade deals. But this does not mean the US will go bankrupt tomorrow.       

She sees that the steadfastness of Syrian people, who have rejected to bow to US, is a strong motivation for French people to get rid of US hegemony over their country.

Zionism, Wahhabisim and US pressure

Moreover, Dr. al-Midani warned about the spread of Wahhabi ideology by Saudi Arabia and Qatar in institutes set up by them in Europe. “Muslim brothers have been created by UK and now their master is US. They serve the imperialist policy in the world through bringing Arab and European peoples under domination for the interest of world Zionism.”

She pointed out that Zionism, Wahhabisim and US pressure prevent people in France, including high-ranking persons, who have foresight, from talking about US hegemony and its effects on Europe and the world as well. 

“The European media is the worst in terms of conveying honest information. France 24 Arabic hosts me plus several persons opposing my viewpoint to talk about the events in Syria; however I am not allowed to appear on France 24 to speak in French language in order to keep the reality of what is happening in Syria secret before the French public opinion,” Dr. al-Midani said.

She expressed her optimistic about the new world whose door is opened by Syria.

“Syria’s victory over foreign-backed terrorism has changed the balance of power in the new world where Russia, China, India, and Latin America are united as major powers against US hegemony,” Dr. al-Midani concluded. 

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour