Foreign tourist to ST: My duty from now on is to share with everyone joyful life I see in Syria

A foreign tourist advices all those who criticize the Syrian government to visit Syria and to see with their own eyes the joyful life in this country even after a more than seven-year long war launched on the country and after all sadness foreign-backed terrorist groups brought to the people’s life.

Mrs. Monica Jankovic, a Brazilian mother of 3 children, plus 13 foreign tourists- 12 French and 1 Swiss - came from France to visit Syria by the end of last month for 10 days in order to share the reality of daily life inside Syria, the cradle of civilization that still enjoys co-existence between Muslims and Christians despite the terror war that targets its civilization, people and army.

“Syrians’ smile says everything. The people has been suffering so much and they welcomed us with open arms, despite what our governments are doing to their country. I felt love and respect from Syrians,” Mrs. Jankovic told me when I met her at ‘Beir Zaman’ hotel in the old city of Damascus.

 Before traveling to Syria, she was anxious about the possibility of bombing Syria by western countries as they did in April and she was afraid of being  kidnapped by terrorists to blame Syrian government or something like that. 

“My husband was worried about that, as I have 3 kids. But after being here, I felt the protection of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) everywhere. During the whole trip we travelled 1.200km inside Syria. From Damascus to Aleppo, visiting small villages, sleeping at the inhabitants. We slept in Mhardeh, we were visiting churches, and mosques, and were feeling safe in Syria, in the liberated areas, life is normal again,” Mrs. Jankovic stressed.

She went on to say: “The population is protected by the SAA. We met a Syria soldier asking for a stop on the road to Hama, from Aleppo. He was in the bus with us, and I felt sorry that western media that uses the term ‘al-Assad’s forces’ wants us to believe that this soldier is killing the civilians. Well I really felt protected by Syrian soldiers as my big brothers indeed.”

The Brazilian tourist started to follow up the situation in Syria after 2014 when the US-led coalition bombed Syria. She came across an article by Sarah Abed, a Syrian independent journalist who lives in USA, and then she started to follow reports of the independent journalists Vanessa Baaley, Eva Bartlett, Janice Kortkamp, who unmasked the false reports of MSM on Syria.

“The interview of Eva Bartllet during the United Nations conference on December,9, 2016 ( was the main point of understanding, because she visited Syria and she was not giving reports from a studio in Toronto or NYC. These journalists waked me up to see the lies the MSM is telling about what is happening in Syria,” Mrs. Jankovic stated.

Her eagerness to know more about Syria pushed her to follow on FB the Syrian friends of Janice and Eva and Vanessa, and she noticed the difference between what they were showing on the ground and what was being reported by French TV.

“I stopped watching television and started following events and reports from the independent journalists only, and from Syrians. So I decided to come to see with my own eyes the reality of life in Syria,” Mrs. Jankovic  said, indicating that she met Nacime Chame, the responsible for the trip in France and followed her Association La Communauté Syrienne de France in order to come to Syria.

This tourist felt that Syria is in good hands with President Bashar al-Assad in power and the Syrians are protected.

Comments on her visit

Upon her flight to France after finishing her trip to Syria, someone in the plane from Beirut to Paris asked Mrs. Jankovic about her stay in Lebanon. When she answered that she was in Syria. ... The person was shocked with that information.  Because how could I have been to Syria if the President is killing his own people???!!!! 

At the moment, she realized how it was important for her to share everything she experiences in Syria. She showed the person in the plane the pictures she captured during her visit to Syria.

“I showed him pictures with me swimming in Tartous , he was simply shocked and did not believe his eyes to see the beauty of the sea and the landscape on the Syrian coast,” Mrs. Jankovic  said, referring to some comments on the photos she published on her FB during her visit to Syria.

“Davis Johnson from the United States said in his comment: My government is greedy, evil and corrupt but many, many people see through the lies and support you!”

While Wissam Sliman from Syria said in a comment:  "I would love to say thank you very much to my dear friend Monica Jovanovic - one of the most amazing ladies I have ever met-for her amazing words…. All of us must be forever thankful to those who have such a big heart and sweet soul because only with them we have hope to have a better world and a better future for everyone of us.”

Mrs. Jankovic uploaded on here FB a profile picture of two Syrian Muslim and Christian men setting together and talking to her in Tartous governorate.

“This picture for me expresses what I believe.  It represents what I have been expecting to meet in Syria. Peace and Love exist between us regardless the faith..  I have founded in Syria the freedom of religion. Everyone is respected and can practice the religion openly. We have been treated with respect and tolerance everywhere. Christians Orthodox, Sunni, Shiite, Alawis, Druze are fighting the same enemy i.e. terrorism. All communities have martyrs, from every religion. Syrians are fighting to protect humanity from terrorists. And we have to be thankful because they are paying with the blood of their son's and fathers. They lost their homes, they were killed by millions. And very soon, God willing, they will win this war for Syria and for us. Syria is fighting terrorism for our civilization,” she clarified.

The foreign tourist, who plans to come back again to Syria with her family, told me at the end of the interview: “My duty from now on is to share and tell everyone what I saw in Syria. Thanks so much to all Syrians for being who you are and for keeping strong for your country and your President… Defending Syria represents defending humanity.”


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour