British analyst warns about dark and dangerous times for world peace


Over the past days, the Donald Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, and the killing of the Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi have become top stories in Mainstream media (MSM). And this attention has raised questions about the consequences of US withdrawal from the treaty and why the killing of one man has set off a louder uproar than other Saudi actions such as the war against Yemen.

To answer these questions, the Syriatimes newspaper interviewed the British publisher and editor of "Politics First" Magazine, Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos, who affirmed that the INF treaty has been dying for the last 17 years on account of America's determination to be the sole superpower in the world by neutralising Russia's strategic nuclear deterrent, ruling out the adoption of arms embargo on Saudi Arabia by EU as this could have a knock-on-effect on the EU’s other business ties with and in investment in Saudi Arabia.

The British political analyst made it clear that when Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, American policymakers believed - and correctly so - that the new Russian leader would strive to return to Russia its lost superpower status, threatening the American global supremacy that had emerged following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

“Key to Washington's agenda was confronting Moscow's nuclear arsenal which, at that time in 2000, was the only possession that Russia had which the US had to take note of.  So, with much of Eastern Europe in 2000 either in NATO or on the road to gaining NATO membership, the Americans began to conceive of an American missile defence shield close to Russia's western borders which could firstly, neutralise the Russian strategic nuclear deterrent and secondly, be adapted, in the future, with offensive missiles to target sensitive Russian military, nuclear and civilian installations,” he added, indicating that the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty  signed between Washington and Moscow in 1972 was standing in the way of the American endeavor.

“The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty prohibited the development of the kind of missile defence systems that Washington had in mind in 2000.  Alas, in 2001, the White House informed the Kremlin that it would be withdrawing from the landmark ABM Treaty,” Dr. Papadopoulos stated.

 He went on to say: “Once the Americans were no longer a party to the treaty, having officially withdrawn in 2002, the road was clear for Washington to start devising a missile defence shield to be located on the Russian border.  In 2007, the US announced that it would start construction of a missile defence system in Eastern Europe, based in Poland and the Czech Republic.  And a few years ago, that system became active, with Romania having replaced the Czech Republic as the other country where components of the system are based in.  So with that system now in place, which is a flagrant violation of the cornerstone INF Treaty, the Americans can no longer be a party to the treaty, especially because their intention, at some point in the future, is to equip the system with offensive missiles.”

 Dark and dangerous times for world peace

    Asked about the impact of such step by US on European countries, including Britain, Dr. Papadopoulos replied: “If the Americans do honour their pledge of withdrawing from the INF Treaty, and if they also refuse to renew with Russia the New Start Treaty, which is set to expire in 2021, then for the first time since 1972 will the world be without any nuclear weapons control agreements. So these are very dark and dangerous times for world peace. ”

He stressed that Russia is going to respond to the American withdrawal from the INF Treaty and the Americans will then respond to the Russian response and so forth, which could very well lead to a new nuclear arms race between Washington and Moscow. 

“The current parity of the American and Russian nuclear arsenals could soon be upset and tilted in favour of the US.  As for the British Government, which is, unsurprisingly, supporting the American decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty, this will place the UK firmly on Russia's nuclear target list.  The security of the British people is therefore being potentially jeopardised by British politicians who are zealously supporting the Americans despite the grave risks involved to ordinary Britons in doing so,” Dr. Papadopoulos said.

  He commented on the US use of phosphorus bombs in the north of Syria by saying: “History demonstrates that American has not even the slightest regard for the lives of civilians.  The dropping of atomic bombs in Japan and the dropping of depleted uranium shells on Serbia by Washington proves that point beyond all doubt.  Turning to Syria, the Americans have used phosphorus bombs in the north of the country to strike fear into the hearts of the civilian population there in order to ensure that they do not resist the presence of American military forces.  The US is using depraved and criminal measures to maintain its foothold in the north-east of Syria - the Americans are the masters and they are letting the civilians know this.  Alas, the US is ruling through fear. 

 Khashoggi’s death won’t jeopardise west-Saudi Arabia relations

 The Americans masters and their British ally laud themselves as the guardians in the world of human rights and press freedom. That is why they have to be seen as doing something about the murder of Khashoggi.  

 “The murder of Jamal Khashoggi will not jeopardise or alter relations between the West and Saudi Arabia despite the hysteria from some commentators. Riyadh is an absolute crucial friend and ally to Washington and London, not just in terms of business dealings but also in maintaining and strengthening the West's hold over the Middle East,” Dr. Papadopoulos said. 

 He underscored that whatever action the America and the British may take against the Saudis, this will be cosmetic and will be discussed and approved privately with Riyadh.

 As for Erdogan’s statement on the killing of Khashoggi, the British analyst said: “ Erdogan is trying to extract concessions from the Americans, for example, the lifting of US sanctions on Turkish officials and matters relating to the YPG, for taking part in what is an orchestrated 'investigation' by Washington, London, Ankara and Riyadh. 

 He concluded by saying: “Whilst no human being deserves the fate which befell Khashoggi, he was no friend to the Syrian people or the Yemeni people and was complicit in their terrible suffering.  He was also closely associated with Osama bin Laden during the Mujahideen's fight with the Soviets in Afghanistan.  So, in short, Khashoggi was not a man to champion, in any sense of the word.”  


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour