Syria support committee in Sweden to defend Syria by all available means


Press officer of Syria support committee in Sweden Mr. Hussein al-Dawod has affirmed that there have been big obstacles in affecting the public opinion in Stockholm as the official stance of the kingdom of Sweden follows in the footsteps of the official stance of European Union and the West.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, Mr. al-Dawod made it clear that the state-run media outlets in Sweden were circulating –over the past 7 years- a lot of fake news about the events in Syria and that coincided with receiving many Syrians supporting terrorists plus many terrorists holding Swedish nationality.

“We are working in an environment containing a lot of risks, but fortunately the brutal crimes perpetrated by terrorist organizations in Syria proved their connection with hateful forces. This proof helped us to shed light on the fact that the western world defends the perpetrators of these heinous crimes,” the press officer said.


He referred to the committee’s communication with left-wing parties in Sweden and Swedish, Syrian and Arab activists in Sweden to change the public opinion towards the events in Syria. “The communications caused a slight change in the public opinion and a lot of Swedish persons are standing now with Syria.”

Future plan

As for the future plan of the committee in the light of political changes in the region, Mr. al-Dawod  asserted that the committee is working on encouraging Syrian, Arab  and foreign investors in Sweden to take part in reconstruction process in Syria, re-uniting Syrian national fabric in Sweden, alleviating the suffering of the affected persons in Syria through sending aid, shedding light on Syria’s civilized role in the past and in the present and its role in world peace, urging Swedish government to change its attitude towards Syria and expanding friendly relations between Syrian community and Swedish people.  

“We also seek to set up a Syrian lobby to serve our national causes,” he added, pointing out that the main goal of the committee, which is a Swedish NGO established by Syrians and Arabs and foreigners in 2011, is to defend Syria by all available means.

Five visits were paid by the committee’s members to Syria between 2014 and 2018 where they saw how the situation improved in many areas in the homeland after liberating them from foreign-backed terrorist groups.

“We noticed the return of normal life to the liberated areas,” the press officer said, indicating that the schedule of the recent visit – September 10-18, 2018- included meetings with several Syrian officials and participation in the 60th session of the Damascus International Fair and in several social and charity activities.

The number of the Swedish delegation’s members that came to Syria last month was 26, including 17 merchants. They took part in a social activity in Tartous province where they gave money to 50 families of martyrs.

In addition, they brought smile to the faces of orphans in ‘al-Aman’ orphanage in Damascus and to some peoples with disability in Sport Federation in the same province.

The committee exerts every possible effort to push forward any communication between Syrian and Swedish officials.  

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour