Sen. Richard Black to ST: Syria has won the war

The U.S. Senator Richard Hayden Black has stressed that the victories achieved by Syrian Army and allies in the south of Syria have had a profound effect on the war which has been a suicidal undertaking for the west.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the greatest importance of the victories south of Syria lies in removing Israel and Jordan from playing any direct role in combat operations.

“The American Joint Operations Center (JOC) in Jordan trained many thousands of jihadists to cross into Syria and make their way to the suburbs of Damascus where they launched attacks that slaughtered civilians throughout the war.

Damascus is now completely secure. Although American calculations regarding the Syrian conflict remain complex, removing key players, such as Israel and Jordan, streamline the pathway towards peace,” the senator said.

He added that throughout the war, the Syrian army and its allies have grown increasingly professional, well-armed, and powerful and they will ultimately liberate Idlib from terrorist groups.

“The Syrian Army and its allies face very major forces in the Idlib region. For the most part, those forces are familiar with the taste of defeat. Because of their hatred for one another, it is difficult for them to achieve unity of command. One of the first battles is rumored to be the fight for al-Shughur. That area is held by a large force of Chinese terrorists of Turkish ethnicity. They will fight in a unified fashion and can be expected to put up stiff resistance.” Sen. Black clarified, indicating that the presence of Turkish outposts in this area in Idlib is a complicating factor.

But he hoped that those outposts could be neutralized diplomatically.

“The collapse of the Idlib terrorists will present a dilemma for all parties. Since these are the most extreme jihadists, no nation wants them. Turkey will resist giving them refuge and they will be a thorn in the side of Syria because of their militant views,” Sen. Black affirmed.

Permanent destabilizing agents

He went on to say: “Some of the terrorist leaders in Idlib are undercover agents from various western and Arab states. Those individuals will be evacuated in order to remove evidence that those nations were actively engaged in a war of aggression against Syria. I believe that the U.S., Russia, and Turkey will agree to remove those key foreign agents.”

The US senator asserted that it would be the height of folly for western powers to permit massive waves of terrorists, evacuated from Idlib, to settle within their own borders. “While the war on Syria has been a suicidal undertaking for the west, it is difficult to imagine that anyone would willingly invite large numbers of bloodthirsty jihadists who would rapidly destabilize their own civilizations.”

“After attempting to overthrow Syria for seven years, the United States has managed to train tens of thousands of fresh terrorists. These militants will return to their home nations to act as permanent destabilizing agents. Terrorists, who once employed homemade weapons, are now well-trained in combined-arms warfare. Today, they are experienced in employing massive armored and mechanized armies on vast fields of battle.”

Syria has won the war

Moreover, Sen. Black underscored that leaders- across the world- agree that Syria has won the war. “Much difficult fighting lies ahead in Idlib and elsewhere. However, skillful diplomacy has worked to advance Syria’s interests. I am hopeful that the gallantry of the Syrian forces, the superb diplomacy of Syria and its allies, and the unity of the people, will bring a final close to the war within the next year or two.”

He pointed out how Syrian supporters have blunted and challenged the massive force of the mainstream media over the events taking place in Syria.

“One of the most powerful forces supporting Syria has been a disparate group of foreign policy intellectuals in the United States and overseas, who have revealed the truth about the Syrian war through print, lectures, and social media. While the global media employed unlimited resources to convey their false impression of the war, this small, unfunded band of Syrian supporters has blunted and challenged the massive force of the mainstream media, he said, adding: “In a sense, we have been like a small, snarling watchdog that grabs the ankle of a hulking burglar and refuses to let him do his criminal deeds unhindered. The nasty dog is unable to stop the burglar but seriously hinders his ability to carry out his evil work. It reveals his actions by its constant snarling.”

Impracticality of separate state

Concerning the talks between the Syrian government and the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’, the senator made it clear that Americans have grown weary of the Syrian war and have no interest propping up a fragile Kurdish state.

“I believe that the Kurdish leadership has begun to recognize the impracticality of a separate state. For that reason, a delegation met with Damascus officials about a week ago to explore the possibility of a rapprochement with Syria. I do not expect the United States to strenuously oppose this initiative,” he said, referring to the ‘Plan B’ that involved establishing an independent Kurdish state bounded by the Euphrates River on the south, the Turkish border on the north, and Iraq on the east.

“The concept was absurd. It would create a tiny, landlocked Arab nation dominated by a Kurdish minority. It would be viewed as a mortal threat by Turkey and would be surrounded by hostile states. There would be no flight path for aircraft to enter or leave such a Kurdish state. The largest city, Raqqa, would be almost 100% Arab, and yet it would be ruled by Kurds. Its large oil fields lie in Arab regions—not Kurdish ones. Arab domination by the Kurds would be a certain recipe for the reconstitution of ISIS in the region,” Sen. Black affirmed.

US wars in ME emboldened barbaric nations like Saudi Arabia

Asked about what the US has achieved from supporting terrorist groups in Syria for more than 7 years, the Senator replied: “During all of our wars in the Middle East, the U.S. has added roughly seven trillion dollars to its national debt. It has emboldened barbaric nations like Saudi Arabia and has brought about untold bloodshed and suffering. None of this was done because the American people or the American armed forces desired it. Yet sinister global forces have managed to hijack American policy to carry out their destructive goals.”

He emphasized that Syria, before the war began, was the model for all other Arab nations to emulate.

“Syria had the greatest women’s rights and the greatest religious freedom of any Arab nation. It was prosperous and financially independent. Its people were well-educated, intelligent, and highly industrious,” the senator said. 

US foreign policy

On the other hand, he expressed concern over the US current foreign policy, saying: “I have many concerns about our current foreign policy. I worry about the possibility that hostilities with Iran could ignite a global conflict similar to World War I and World War II. I am deeply concerned about the U.S. and NATO’s provocative actions toward Russia. Those actions carry the risk of inadvertently triggering a nuclear exchange that could destroy much of human civilization. I am hopeful that the American people and their government will tire of the Russian collusion hoax and that this will allow a less political and more rational approach to American foreign policy.”

He added: “President Trump and President Putin badly want to normalize relations between the United States and Russia. However, the foreign policy establishment and other deep-state forces in Washington have blackmailed President Trump by using the Office of the Special Prosecutor. It threatens to turn any peace overtures into evidence that President Trump somehow colluded with Russia. There is a total lack of evidence supporting Russian collusion. However, political pressure from the Special Prosecutor continues to be a major impediment to world peace.”

The US senator concluded by saying: “History will marvel at a nation of 23 million people [Syria] had the courage and resilience to fight and defeat the combined might of 2/3rds of the world’s military and industrial power.”


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour