Unbreakable Will

Since its foundation, the Syrian Arab Army has never hesitated to carry out its national duty and by the virtue of the army heroes Syria remains steadfast and reluctant against terrorism.

Marking the 73rd Anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army’s foundation, the “Disabled and their Friends” Society in Syria’s Lattakia province held on Thursday a celebration at “Dar Al-Assad” for culture. The celebration included a concert in which 49 wounded army personnel  from different Syrian provinces took part within a choir that sang several patriotic songs glorifying the homeland and the army.

The Syriatimes e-newspaper attended the celebration and met some of the wounded army personnel participating in the choir which was formed by the "Society of the Disabled and their Friends”.

The choir aims to convey the wounded soldiers' message of peace through which they want to emphasize that though they are disabled, they can fight through their voices and through participating in rebuilding Syria, Firyal Akili, head of the Society, said in a statement to the Syriatimes.

 The Syrian Arab Army's Day is a Day for all the Syrians, both civilians and military personnel,” Akili said, hailing the Syrian army’s steadfastness and victories in the battle against foreign-backed terrorist groups.

The wounded army personnel,  who are members of the choir, informed the Syriatimes how honored they are to be soldiers in the Syrian army, the protector of the homeland and the staunch defender of its sovereignty, independence and unity.

"Had we in Syria not been confident of victory, we wouldn’t have been able to remain steadfast. The Syrian Army has been fighting for more than seven years holding firm in the face of the most heinous aggression a homeland can ever be exposed to,” Farid Issa , from Lattakia said.

He highly valued this year's Army's Day as it comes while the army and the armed forces are accomplishing major victories over foreign-backed terrorist organizations which have been waging a terrorist war against Syria to weaken its army and to destroy its civilization and infrastructure.

"Fate honored me in 2015 when I got injured  in the battle against takfiri terrorists in Idlib governorate where I lost my two legs and my left arm,” Issa said proudly, stressing that he felt more determined to continue defending the homeland every time he was moved to another province to participate in clearing it from terrorism , which is a strange phenomenon in the Syrian society.

The wounded soldier made it clear that his dream was either to achieve victory or to get martyred in the battlefield, indicating that part of his dream has been realized following the major achievements of  the Syrian army that led to clearing most of the Syrian lands from terrorism. He stressed that "the secret of Syria’s legendary steadfastness has been the mutual confidence among the great leader President  Bashar Al-Assad, the people and the army.

"I feel proud of my injury. Being injured didn't prevent me from carrying on my normal life. On the contrary,  the wheelchair strengthens my will and patience and raised my morale, because it is I who makes the wheelchair walks,” Issa said.

When asked about his participation in the choir, Issa affirmed that "the choir of the Society of the Disabled is a message to the world through which the wounded army personnel  want to affirm that despite their  injuries, they will continue supporting the Syrian army in many ways as to confront the global terrorist war launched against our beloved Syria."

On his part, Basheer Haroon, who is also another wounded and disabled  hero soldier from Aleppo governorate,  told the Syriatimes that "the Syrian army will be a shining point in the history of Syria and will continue to teach lessons in patriotism as no one will be able to break it."

Haroon stressed that the Syrian Army is defending not only Syria’s dignity, stability, sovereignty and people but also the entire Arab nation, its existence and future.

“While I was carrying out my national duty in defending my homeland against takfiri terrorism in Aleppo province in 2015, a gunshot hit my backbone causing 90% disability rate that  led to Tetraplegia.

"With my patience and endeavor and with so much suffering I defeated the tetraplegia and my dream came true when I met H.E President Bashar Al-Assad and H.E the First Lady Mrs. Asma Al-Assad after I get excellently the basic education certificate” Haroon said.

"When I shook hands with President Al-Assad and he embraced me, I felt as if I were embracing steadfastness, victory, pride, honor and loyalty” He said proudly and joyfully.

Haroon went on saying that the glorious achievements of the Syrian Arab Army has amazed the world and showed it that hostile schemes and conspiracies make Syria more determined to confront challenges.

Concerning the choir, Haroon said "music affects the heart and the entire being, thus, hope of starting new life revives and happiness fills the soul”. He emphasized that the choir is "the best way to express our feelings and voice our support for and solidarity with the Syrian Army against terrorism until achieving the hoped-for victory."

"Losing my sight has been a blessing, I don’t care for anything as long as I lost my sight while defending my lovely country. Light is for vision, education is for insight and love is for our homeland” the hero Abak  Wardeh, another wounded soldier told the Syriatimes.

"My injury, which is a source of honor and pride to me,  was caused by an explosion of a mine while I was dismantling it in Idleb province” Wardeh  added, stressing that the Syrian Arab Army under the wise leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad has been confident from the very beginning in the ability to achieve victory.

Abak considered the choir as the light for him as it creates an understanding that goes beyond words.

The three wounded soldiers extended their heartfelt congratulations to the Syrian Army heroes  on their Day, wishing martyrs’ souls to rest in peace and hoping that the war would come to an end soon. They stressed that whatever they scarify Syria is more precious.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam