German MP to ST: ‘White Helmets’ are western countries’ terror assets

German Parliamentarian Dr. Christian Blex has asserted that one of the main goals of the evacuation of the ‘White Helmets’ from Syria via Israel is to keep some troublesome information they know about western complicity in war crimes and fake gas attacks in Syria secret.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the German politician made it clear that the ‘white Helmets’ are the terror assets of the western countries that spent more than $ 100 million on them in order to  fool western audiences into thinking a regime change is acceptable.

“According to our government, German Federal Foreign Office supported the White Helmets and increased its financial contribution by 2 million euros to a total of 7 million euros in 2016. So, they are not going to watch their boys be dismantled by Syrian troops. Also, I imagine, this particular group which was saved, knows some troublesome secrets about western complicity in war crimes and fake gas attacks. They were saved, so they don't end up spelling secrets one day,” he said, affirming that Germany's government is a vassal to the US.

“Our political establishment may not like Donald Trump but resettling the White Helmets is Deep State maneuvering and as usual Merkel bows to that. One might think Merkel and her lackeys have qualms about bringing in terrorists, but they don't,” said Dr. Blex, the AFD [Alternative for Germany or Alternative für Deutschland] Member of Parliament.

He asserted that very few people in the west in General and in Germany in particular know the truth about the White Helmets’, raising the following question: “Will we see White Helmets on German talkshows soon?”

“As of now, the government reportedly has not yet decided whether or not their identities will be made public. I guess they want them to stay incognito,” he added, asserting that he personally will monitor the situation closely.

“I hope that we [the AFD party] will put as much pressure as possible on our government in this regard,” Dr. Blex said, indicating that there is no resolution on the ‘White Helmets’, in contrast to the EU-sanctions against Syria, which the AFD party officially condemned.

The German politician pointed out that the ‘White Helmets’ can still be used as a tool in the propaganda war as long as the north of Syria is not under the control of the Syrian government.

He concluded by saying: “The last member of the White helmets, who also serve as a means of pressure in the diplomatic talks which have now begun, will certainly be evacuated when the north of Syria comes under the control of the Syrian government.”

On July 22,2018, hundreds of ‘White Helmets’ were evacuated from southern Syria into Israel and on to Jordan to be settled in countries including UK, Germany and Canada.

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Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour