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“Al-Qalaa and Wadi Festival”

Syria's Cultural Message to the World

The valley has embraced his castle again and healed the wounds that increased its pride and vanity .It has returned, but this time, in a different shape. It has been launched with a governmental support but with civil and popular initiatives covering the various aspects of cultural and social life in the region and focused on the child through many aspects of entertainment, art and theater.

The festival started its activities  with a national epic entitled "The Time is ours", that dealt with the story of a well-educated and cultured people, amazing nature and ancient ruins praising  the victories of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army on terrorism.

The Syria Times e-newspaper went along with the festival’s activities, art exhibitions and marketing that reflect the heritage of the village in the region.

The festival is a clear message that Syria is fine

In a statement  to the Syria Times e-newspaper, Homs governor, Mr. Talal  Al- Barazi said: “The festival is being  held today for the fourth time after the liberation of Al-Hosn city but this year it is gaining a special image as it is held

After the liberation of all areas in the province of Homs from terrorism and the return of safety and stability to the whole countryside of Homs.”

“Today, the Castle and Wadi Festival is being held in exceptional circumstances that coincide with the victories of the Syrian Arab Army in Daraa, God willing, the festival of the castle and the valley will be the echo of the upcoming festival in Bosra al-Sham”, Al-Barazi concluded.

Eng. Ahmed Akash, director of tourism in Homs, confirmed that the festival is only a message for the Syrian inside and for those who are outside Syria as well, that Syria is fine and its people is living in a state of stability and security as itis subjected to a fierce attack by the hostile media that depict falsifications about the reality of the Syrian inside and spread lies concerning our army's victories.

It is also an effective way to refresh tourism in Wadi Al-Nadara region and to invite expatriates to visit their country and participate in the reconstruction process of Syria and to support its economy.

Steadfast Despite Wounds

Mr. Mohannad Hamzeh, Member of the Board of Directors of "Steadfast Despite Wounds" Association, Said: “we participate in the exhibition to make clear that we are, as wounded , are still active and able to give and that our wounds are but an evidence of our firm will. As we were brave in the battlefields and defeated death we will overcome the hardships of life, live from our work and help anyone who is in need”.

"Our participation in the exhibition is represented by a collection of handicrafts and antiques made by the wounded themselves. We have another section to display the products made by the wives and mothers of the wounded.

The proceeds of the products will be allocated to treat the wounded and to secure their health since the association is now preparing to  set up a laboratory for medical analysis to conduct all the analyzes of the wounded free of charge”.

Eng. Elias Bittar, Head of Taklakh Forestry Department confirmed that the participation of Homs Agriculture Directorate in the Castle and Valley Festival of 2018 came through organizing two activities, namely the Rural Women's Products Market and the Flowers Exhibition.

Regarding the Rural Women's Products Market, Eng. Lina Qardouh head of rural women in Talk lakh and al-Hawash, stressed that the market offers a wide range of traditional handicraft products and simple traditional industries as well as exhibits made from recycled materials

We also have a variety of small projects including honey production project, wax production, mushroom production, cheese and dairy project, as well as producing various kinds of local food industries.

We hope that the Directorate of Agriculture will make additional efforts to empower rural women and provide them with all possible assistance to enable them have their own projects to help their families”.

Concerning the Flower Show, Eng. Elias Khoury, responsible for landscaping in Homs Agriculture Directorate explained that this was their first participation in the festival and hoped that it would not be the last one especially that this exhibition has witnessed great turn out.

“Thanks to the integrated efforts exerted by the exhibitors and organizers the show has been turned into a wonderful space decorated with various kinds of flowers and plants in one place.

Mr. Khoury continued: "The exhibition displays varieties of indoor and outdoor plants, climbing plants and all kinds of annual trees in the valley area, in order to make the people of the region and the visitors know about the plant species in our region”...

A number of Arab and Syrian artists attended the festival and expressed their happiness to attend the festival and enjoy the atmosphere of brotherhood

And love and hope that the festivals of love and amity will last all over Syria.

Artist, Fadi Sobeih stressed that this festival is call for hope and optimism,

Optimism that victory is coming very soon and that Syria is recovering.

Therefore, more efforts must be made in various fields in order to restore our dear Syria

People of the valley stressed that Homs, as every spot in Syria, by its people , nature and its cultural and human heritage is determined to love life and to defeat all the crucial challenges  that prevent them to enjoy Syria’s  victory against Death and Darkness.


Amal Farhat- from Wadi Al-Nadara, Homs to the Syria Times