Australian Author to ST: Washington Funded and Armed Terrorist Groups in Syria for Many Years

The Australian renowned  peace activist, Author, Prof. Tim Anderson, who wrote a book entitled “The Dirty War on Syria”, made it clear that Washington has made a strategic decision to withdraw support for these groups, despite having funded and armed them for many years. “This may be a prelude to their withdrawal from Syria. Washington and its supporters have relied on proxy terrorist armies for more than 7 years, but they have been defeated. Their Kurdish proxies have also lost support.”

Prof. Anderson asserted to the Syriatimes Online, that The US base at al Tanf has provided a safe haven for daesh [ISIS] and other proxies to escape destruction at the hands of Syria and its allies. It has also been a type of wedge, attempting to block fuller cooperation between Iraq and Syria. 

“To minimize confrontation, resistance forces have worked around the al Tanf area, isolating it. But the occupation has no future, so long as political will in Iraq and Syria keeps working to expel the US- backed takfiri groups,” Prof. Anderson said . 

He went on to say: “I believe the US will withdraw from al Tanf, and from NE Syria. They never planned a full scale invasion and occupation, and their pretexts (to defend their proxies) are fast running out.” 

 Israel, which is an ethnic cleansing entity, cannot confront Syria and its allies alone when US forces are in retreat and it is afraid of losing the territory it stole from Syria half a century ago, according to the Australian author and political economist Prof. Tim Anderson, who told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the proxy terrorist armies of Washington and its supporters have been defeated in Syria.

Prof. Anderson said in a response to a question about the recent reinforcements sent by the Zionist enemy to the Golan: “Israel fears a strengthened Syria with allies moving to liberate the occupied Golan Heights. This would be done with the full backing of international law.”

“The victory on Syria’s SW border will have to be defended by a permanent deployment of Syrian forces, of course. They will have to maintain vigilance on that border which faces the region’s main enemy. And there remains the question of the Golan, and to what extent Russia will assist (or not impede) recovery of the Syrian territory occupied by Israel. However that victory will certainly allow Syria to focus on reclaiming the whole of Idlib. The groundwork here will require some new agreements with Turkey, despite Syria’s very bad relationship with the Erdogan regime,” he added.

Times have changed

Regarding Washington’s attempts to destabilize Iran, the author said: “ I don’t believe the US has the slightest chance of deflecting Iran from its current trajectory, of recovery and rising strength in the region. Washington had an opportunity to weaken Iran, between 2002 and 2015, but that has now gone. They cannot rebuild the strong alliance they once had, to control Iran. Times have changed. Iran already has a new relationship with Russia, with China and with Europe. The Trump regime is testing its relationship with most of the world, especially the Europeans, taking them for slaves. That arrogance will help isolate the US, as the reality of Eurasian integration grows. 

He sees that multipolarity in a strategic sense describes the situation after the collapse of US power. But that alone will not end the destabilization of the region. The outside powers have used sectarian religion as a tool to divide people; and they still have Israel and the Saudi regime.

“In my opinion the resistance must build substantial regional institutions to protect itself from these constant attacks, and to develop an independent future,” Prof. Anderson concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour







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