US political analyst to ST: Victories of Syrian Army and allies turned the tide against Israeli, Saudi, US puppets

The US geopolitical analyst Dean Henderson has underscored that the victories being achieved by Syrian Army and allies in fighting terrorism have turned the tide against Israel /Saudi/GCC puppets and the Rothschild/Rockefeller sponsors. 

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper: “The balance of power has already shifted in a good way and the momentum is on the side of justice,” Henderson said, indicating that the survival of the City of London crowd depends on keeping the US President Donald Trump on their leash and divide the US from Russia and China,” Henderson said. 

He added that neocons are insane and answer to the City of London bankers, who believe they have the right to reorganize the world in any way they see fit. “Their subterfuge will not stop without an opposing force making it stop.”

The analyst asserted that Trump is a wild card at the point of multipolarity that it is hard to tell from one day to the next which way he will go.

He made it clear: “The Korean situation is hopeful, as is the upcoming meeting with Putin.  Trump seems to have backed off in Syria and maybe the embassy move in Israel will be used to force them to negotiate seriously with Palestine. But we just don't know yet where he stands.”  

Henderson, in addition, affirmed that Israel is all about pretexts and deception all the time.

“It is nothing more than a Rothschild oil empire guard dog in the region and will work against anything positive and unifying.  The goal has always been to divide the Arabs and steal the oil, and that's what Israel does for Big Oil.  Whether the aggression is against Syria or Iran or some other nationalist government really makes no difference,” he said.

The analyst expects that Israel will create some pretext in Lebanon, thinking that Hezbollah is the weak link in this alliance.  “They are wrong about this but always very stupid. All in the region must remain vigilant, unified and strong.”

He concluded by saying: “I am very encouraged by developments in the region and feel as though the tide is finally turning against the Israeli/Saudi/GCC puppets and the Rothschild/Rockefeller sponsors.  The resistance in the region is impressive and should be proud of their achievements.”


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour