Slovak politician to ST: Situation in Syria is completely different to what MSM portray


The Slovak politician Marian Kotleba has affirmed that the situation in Syria is completely different to what the Slovak and European mainstream media outlets try to portray. He has also regretted the subjection of the vast majority of his country’s politicians to the US and Israeli masters.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the leader of the People’s Party Our Slovakia (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko), who visited Syria in June for the first time, said that he has been amazed at how positive life in contemporary Syria is.

“Before our departure to Syria, we did not know what was waiting for us there. We were worried as information available in Slovakia and in Europe say that Syria is at war. Even the Ministry of Slovak Republic has issued ‘do not travel’ warning for Slovak citizens to Syria in anyway. But we overcame all these concerns and we came to Syria. After arriving from Beirut to Damascus, we have been really surprised at how positive life in contemporary Syria is and how Muslims and Christians are living together, “said Kotleba, who came to Syria with a European delegation composed of politicians from Belgium, Slovakia and Croatia.  

He went on to say: “we have found a completely different country to what the Slovak and European mainstream media tries to show, despite the fact that we can see the hardship of the war at every turn. Personally, I was touched by the enormous and ubiquitous pride of the people of Syria who could not be broken by the war, the criminal attacks of NATO countries or by the unlawful economic sanctions. My impression of my first visit to Syria is, best to say, huge.”

Servility to US-Israeli masters

The politician whose country is a member of what he described as the ‘NATO Criminal Organization’ stressed that the vast majority of Slovak politicians want to work according to orders of the Israeli-American masters as much as possible, therefore the Slovak government supported the unprecedented US, France and UK attacks on Syria.

“The servility to the US manifested recently when the Slovak parliament approved- upon government’s request- a letter of invitation for the US troops to the territory of the Slovak Republic. Actually, our party was the only one in the parliament that opposed the US troops entering the Slovak territory and the attacks on Syria. This is why, on behalf of all decent Slovaks, I want Syria and the people of Syria to forgive actions of the Slovak government,” Kotleba clarified.

He underscored that his party exerts every possible efforts to explain the reality of events in Syria through speeches in the parliament and interviews with nationwide television and radio stations as well as preparing a big report to be published on the party’ web pages.

“ We are also planning to send more delegations to Syria and make strong connections in order to help Syrian people through our work as much as possible,” the Slovakian politician added, indicating that the European Union is not interested in lifting the sanctions being imposed on Syria.

Do not rely on help from outside

“To be honest, I do not think the EU is interested in lifting the sanctions. In my opinion, the EU not-elected rulers want, by means of a sanction, to bring the Syrian people to misery to such an extent they will fight against their own government. The goal is clear - to partition Syria and give space to fulfil the tastes of many players in the Middle East. Please, therefore, tell people of Syria - do not rely on help from outside! You must remain united and proud! You have to endure, because only by this you can end this silly international strike against Syria!” Kotleba said.

Regarding the possibility of witnessing change in the stances of the US, France, UK and Turkey towards Syria, the Slovak politician made it clear: “If these criminals see that there is a real chance to bring Syria to its knees, they would escalate their attacks and pressure even more. However, if they see that Syria won’t give in and the people of Syria are firmly standing behind their president and government, and that a lot of money and their own soldiers will be humiliated by attempt to destroy Syria, then they would be "extinguished". Indeed, the only recipe for freedom is to endure with the help of God!”

He closed by saying: “We keep our fingers crossed for Syrian people and we will do our best to help you convince as many politicians in Europe as possible in order to save your beautiful country.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour