MEP Udo Voigt to ST: Don’t believe the US propaganda

The German Member of the European Parliament Udo Voigt has said that he has seen with his own eyes how sanctions being imposed on Syria have disastrous effects on Syrian people, vowing to argue and vote against the sanctions in the EU parliament.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the EU parliament’s member made it clear that the sanctions imposed on Syria have disastrous effects on Syrian people, especially children, poor and elderly persons.

“I saw during my recent visit to Syria that the hospitals need important spare parts for medical equipment. Actually, I hate those people who know about it and still impose more sanctions on Syria. I will demand the suspension of these sanctions” Voigt said, pointing out that more sanctions mean that more of Syrian persons will die.

 He affirmed that the EU has extended its sanctions against Syria for another year because the United States, NATO and Israel have big influence in Europe and most politicians do what imperialist forces want. “The US and Israel want to have hegemony over petrol in the near and middle east. Therefore, they do not abide by international law and human right principles. They want to re-occupy the region.”

Consequences of EU delegation’s visit to Syria

The EU member, who led a European delegation to Syria last week, stressed that the members of the delegation got a better idea about what is happening in Syria and this would help them explain the reality before the people in Europe in order to prove that the western media outlets circulate fake news about the events in Syria.

“We will try to bring more delegations and tourists to your wonderful country,” said Voigt, who visited Syria three times in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

The most important thing that attracted him during his visits is how Syrian people are standing by Syrian Army and President Bashar Al-Assad.

“I felt that everybody understands how it is important to defend the sovereignty of Syria and to resist the American way of life, the American imperialism and the war criminals of Israel,” Voigt added, asserting that situation in Damascus is safe after the Syrian Army and allies liberated all areas from all foreign-backed terrorist groups.

Damascus is safer than some areas in Berlin 

The German politician indicated that he felt that Damascus is safer than some areas in Berlin as attacks by terrorists in the streets of Berlin, Brussels and Barcelona could occur at any time.

He called on the EU and the whole world to forget everything they read about Syria in the western media and to come to Syria and to speak to people in order to understand how they are badly affected by sanctions and to realize that Syria is attacked by war criminals.

“Don’t believe the US propaganda”, Voigt concluded.


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour