German MP: Sanctions against Syria are war by other means


Dr. Christian Blex , the German MP from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD),  who visited Syria last March, has underscored that the United States and the European Union have been using  the most complex and far-reaching penalties against Syria, which is but a war against Syrians.

He submitted on Thursday an application to the AFD federal as to officially reject the sanction being imposed against Syria and he succeeded in winning many supporters.

“Since 2011, the US and EU have been "supporting"  Syria with boycotts which, according to a report by the UN Economic and Social Committee for West Asia in 2016, have been among the most complex and far-reaching penalties, which have ever been imposed,” Dr. Blex said, indicating that the same report asserted that sanctions would punish normal Syrians and make the work of aid agencies almost impossible.

The German MP affirmed that sanctions have disastrous effect on civilians, citing medicines and medical equipment.

“The representative of the Syrian Red Crescent informed me- during AFD politicians’ visit to Syria in March 2018, about the catastrophic effects of the unjustified imposed sanctions on  health sector!. A shame that, above all, those who preach in Germany have been supporting these measures against ordinary people in Syria for years. Sanctions are war by other means. Germany should have nothing to do with it,” he added. 

Dr. Blex went on to say: “The EU has extended its sanctions on Syria for another year and diplomacy is still on ice.” He asserted that sanctions are a migration engine and thus indirectly an attack on Germany’s welfare state and its internal security.

“Our economy could benefit from the resumption of diplomatic relations. Syria will be rebuilt whether this fits the west or not. If we do not participate in this, the others will do,” the German MP concluded.

Basma Qaddour