Belgian ‘Nation’ Party’s Head to ST: Syrian Army protects Syria, Europe from terrorism

Chairman of the Belgian ‘Nation’ Party, Hervé Van Laethem, has underscored that Syrian Army is a barricade that protects both Syria and Europe from terrorism, describing the stance of the US, UK, France and Turkey towards Syria as ‘disastrous’.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that there is no word to describe the brave Syrian army which defends Syria and protects Europe from terrorism.

“We can use the words: sacrifice, courage, high efficiency and loyalty to refer to the Syrian Army.

As I am a former soldier and a friend of Syria, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity of my current visit to Syria alongside European parliamentarians to address Syrian soldiers and to express my admiration over their heroism as well as to thank them for the difficult struggle they are waging against terrorists,” said Laethem, who is a board member of pan-European party "Alliance for Peace and Freedom" (APF).

He made it clear that the purpose of the European delegation’s current visit to Syria is to express support and solidarity with the Syrian people and government after the US-led tripartite attack launched against Syria last April and to see the positive evolution of security situation and to discuss how the APF can help Syria.

“We are doing all we can to make different voices heard in the European parliament and in the national parliament. Our members of parliament are trying to denounce the imperialist and aggressive policies of countries like the USA everywhere, not only in Syria. We are activists and we try to defend peace and freedom through the creation of information leaflets about terrorism, anti-imperialism, etc.” Laethem added.

He stressed that the US and its allies will go ahead with destabilizing Syria, hoping that Syria will be able again to defend itself.

Western media’s lies

“Since the start of the war on Syria, we have decided to be a solidary group against terrorism. We have said that what is happening in Syria could be dangerous also for Europe,” the APF’s member affirmed, referring to the terror attacks which took place in Paris and Brussels.

He went on to say: “We also support Syria because the political and social action of the Baath Arab Socialist Party is a reference for us... We hope that terrorism will stop soon in Syria and we want the Syrian people to know that they are not alone. More and more persons in Europe no longer believe the lies being circulated by western media outlets about the events in Syria.”

“Long live Syria. Long live President Bashar Al-Assad,” Laethem concluded.


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour