Syrian Army and Allies Victories Highlighted

 The western arrogance is not acceptable and there must be balance between the east and the west, according to the former MP, Maria Saadeh.

 “When these two states –Russia and china, say that they will never allow the existence of disorder, they defend their national security,” Saadeh said in statements to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Former MP Saadeh pointed out that the European policy is dominated by the US,  while half of the European people – if not the majority of them- know well that the policies of their countries are subjugated  to the US.


 “Since the start of the war on Syria, a large part of European political trends, which have been in power, have been tacitly with Syria, but it remained silent as there has been an open war on Syria and there are plans to make change in the Middle East.  Russia, is a deterrence force and it can confront the sinister scheme to play havoc in the Middle East,” she clarified.

Moreover, the former MP made it clear that Russia smartly deals with all countries and works on addressing the sub issues through Astana and Sochi talks in order to shape Geneva talks as it should be not as has been planned.

“Geneva talks’ outcomes must guarantee Syria’s sovereignty and the unity of its territory and people and it must preserve Syria from any scheme that was due to be carried out in accordance with the pre-planned Geneva talks’ outcomes,” Saadeh said, stressing that the Syrian opposition, which implements foreign agendas can’t continue as the victories achieved by Syrian Army and allies over foreign-backed terrorist groups turned the balances up-side-down.

Regarding the Syrian constitutional committee to be formed in accordance with Sochi talks held last January, the former MP underscored that the task of the committee is to assess the current constitution.

 “The Syrian constitution must be written and amended ,if needed, by the Syrian people themselves, who will as largely expected choose secularism to prevent the exploitation of religion for political gains. In fact, the UN supervision does not mean intervention in the work of the Syrian constitutional committee” Saadeh said.


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour