Honoring Martyrs’ Families a Constitutional and Humanitarian Duty

Syria Observes Martyrs Day on May 6th annually to salute the martyrdom of soldiers who sacrificed their lives defending the sovereignty and independence of their country.

The occasion, which originally commemorates the martyrdom of Syrian nationalists and patriots  who were executed at the hands of the Ottoman ruler Jamal Pasha on May 6th, 1916 for their resistance of the Ottoman occupation, has a special meaning and importance nowadays as Syria is facing a foreign-backed terrorist war the tools of which are takfiri terrorist groups that have been committing crimes against the Syrians and wreaking havoc across the country.  However, the Syrians insist that the foreign-backed armed groups' heinous crimes will never undermine their will to defeat terrorism and restore security nationwide whatever the sacrifices are.

 To commemorate the martyrdom of the hero Syrian Arab army soldiers, the “Assawari” Civil Society Association in Lattakia province dedicated a day-long event  in which members from the “Om al-Shahid” (Martyr’s Mother) Group in Lattakia and tens of martyrs' sons and daughters took part. The event's program included a visit to the martyrs’ cemetery in Lattkia, laying wreaths at the martyrs' tombs and holding a ceremony to honor the martyrs’ children.

At the cemetery the children recited verses from the holy Quran, prayed for peace to the souls of their martyr fathers and promised their fathers to be the good and successful individuals they always wanted .

The honoring ceremony began with observing a moment of silence in honor of Syria’s martyrs and playing the Syrian national anthem followed by performing a number of patriotic songs by sons and daughters of the martyrs.

Mrs. Kafa Kan’an, Head of the “Om al-Shahid” (Martyr’s Mother) Group in Lattakia, who is herself a martyr's mother, told "Syriatimes" e-newspaper that honoring martyrs’ families is a constitutional, legal and humanitarian duty.

According to Mrs. Kan’an, “Om al-Shahid” group, which was established in Damascus in 2015 and in Lattakia province in 2016, "endeavors to work on ground in Lattakia to provide financial, humanitarian and medical aid for the wounded soldiers and martyrs’ families as well as for the families affected by the terrorism of Takfiri armed groups.”

Martyrs' Children Should be Get Dignified Life

"Fate has granted me the honor to be the mother of a martyr. My son,  Majd Razzouq, was martyred in 2012, but this couldn't weaken me, rather, it strengthened and enabled me to turn despair into hope and sadness into optimism," she said, noting that "martyrdom is the most noble value to be championed by human beings anywhere in the world when they are defending their homeland."

Mrs. Kan’an stressed that in appreciation of the great sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in defense of the homeland against Takfiri terrorism, “Om al- Shahid” Group "exerts unremitting efforts to ensure a dignified life for the martyrs’ children and make them realize the fact that every martyr is a homeland and that though we lost their bodies, their souls continue to be with us motivating us to bring up generations on national values, strong will, dignity and steadfastness".

Martyrs Day Coincided with Army's victories over terrorists

On her part, Mrs. Afnan Blal, Head of “Assawari” association, the organizer of the event, hailed the sublime values of martyrdom and stressed that the ceremony is held to express gratitude for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to protect the homeland and the people. "It is the minimum thing one could do for the children who lost their fathers in the war,"  She affirmed that honoring the martyrs’ children, registered in "Assawari" association, means honoring all children and families of all martyrs, all people who were injured while defending the homeland, and all soldiers who kept steadfast in difficult battles."

This year, Martyr Day has special importance as it coincided with the Syrian Army’s great victories achieved against terrorism thanks to martyrs’ sacrifices, Mrs. Blal indicated.

She clarified that “Assawari” association spares no effort to  offer free education and medical care services to the martyrs’ families and to the children affected by the ongoing crisis caused by the terrorist groups in several provinces.

"Taking care of martyrs’ children, whose parents martyred as a result of the ongoing war on the country, is a national duty of everyone," Mr. Blal said, affirming that "whatever we offer to martyrs’ children, it won’t be compared to the sacrifices of their fathers."

She urged martyrs’ children to adopt their fathers’ noble values and to participate in rebuilding Syria in order to confront the challenges that threaten the Syrians present and future.

Martyrs' blood which watered the Syrian sacred soil won’t be in vain

 Other members of “Om al-Shahid” Group participating in the event, said “we, as Syrian women and as mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters of martyrs, are determined to continue and complete the achievements and victories made thanks to the martyrs' sacrifices.

They stressed the group’s commitment to looking after the martyrs families, stressing that  the martyrs' blood which watered the Syrian sacred soil won’t be in vain.

for their part, the martyrs' children expressed pride in the martyrdom of their fathers and affirmed readiness to sacrifice every precious thing they have to witness Syria's victory.

They stressed that they will exert their utmost efforts to be productive in building a prosperous future for themselves and for their country through their study and excellence.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam