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Cypriot MP to ST: Cyprus supports Syria in its struggle to get rid of terrorism

The Member of Parliament at House of Representatives of Cyprus Anna Theologou has said that the sole cause of the US-led strike carried out last Saturday against Syria is to divert attention of public opinion from the domestic problems of the leaders of US, UK and France.

She underscored that her country officially supports the territorial integrity of Syria and the withdrawal of all foreign powers from its soil.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the Cypriot MP stressed that the beneficiaries of the tripartite strike against Syria are the leaders of the participating countries [US, UK and France] that try to divert attention from their domestic problems.


“Unfortunately in modern western republics the public opinion plays a big role in the day to day government of certain countries so it is not uncommon strikes like the ones we had in Syria to happen for the sole reason of diverting attention of the general public from the domestic problems of certain leaders of the said countries,” she said, indicating that military conglomerates are always the winners at any war.

The parliamentarian made it clear that wars and military actions are part of strategic goals of the world powers and means to secure the achievement of the said goals.

“My belief is that the US, UK and France knew that any investigation by the OPCW won’t lead to the conclusion of any use of chemical weapons so they would have lost the opportunity to take military action,” she said.

UK double standardpolicy  

Following the military strike carried out against Syria, the Cypriot MP sent a letter to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom  (on April 17, 2018) in order to bring to the attention of the British  government the double standards they adopt when it comes to their obligations towards Cyprus. 

“Recently Turkey invaded the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus in an effort to hinder the ongoing exploring program of the natural resources of Cyprus and the British government did not blink an eyelid on that occasion,” Theologou  said.

She underlined in her letter entitled ‘ Attack on Syria from RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus  ‘ that the British government failed to proceed with any acts, whatsoever, to eliminate, or even reduce, the ongoing violations committed by Turkey.

Asked about Cyprus’ stance towards the ongoing war on Syria, the MP replied: “Cypriot people have always been sympathetic to the hardship of the Syrian people and the destruction of their country by outside powers who should not have had a saying in how people in Syria govern their country.”

Cyprus supports Syria in its struggle to get rid of terrorism

Theologou indicated that the EU membership and the existence of the British military bases surely put a certain restrain on Cyprus to show its solidarity in more tangible way towards Syria and its people.

She affirmed that the representatives of Cyprus on various international forums support the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom and the respect of their rights under international law.

“Cyprus is a small country and is the victim of same military aggression by Turkey so its ability to offer help to Syria is limited although we do support Syria in its struggle to get rid of terrorism and free its people from all the foreign interventions. Many refugees arrive on the shores of Cyprus and are given protection and hospitality according to the relevant Geneva Convention,” she added.

Since 2011, a foreign-backed terror war has been waged on Syria targeting its army, people, civilization and infrastructure in accordance with a US-Zionist plot that aims to partition the region and to have hegemony over its wealth.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour