MP Nora Arissian to ST: US-Led Aggression on Syria an Attempt to Retaliate for Defeat of Foreign-Backed Terrorists

The tripartite strike carried out today by the US, UK and France against Syria has sent political and military messages that US has a role in Syria and there is a military alliance against Syria and its allies, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian, who asserted that the strike breaches the international law.

In a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the MP said that the US-led aggression against Syria came after the failure of the conspiracy against Syria and it was an attempt to retaliate for the defeat of foreign-backed terrorists at the hands of Syrian army.

“Personally speaking, the quick and limited military strike carried out today proved the need to defend Syria’ sovereignty and unity and the Syrian people’s insistence on fighting terrorism and restoring peace and stability to the country,” Dr. Arissian added.

 She underlined that the strike was limited because the rules of engagement changed.

“Syrian people ridiculed the strike and their morale was high. They poured into the streets condemning the strike and celebrating the victory of the Syrian army and its allies against terrorists in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus,” the MP said.

She made it clear that the US and its allies set several goals for the strike: hindering the task of OPCW fact-finding mission, putting pressure on the mission in order not to unveil their lies and fuel the conflict in the world.

“The liberation of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus from foreign-backed terrorists by Syrian army and its allies caused political and military hysteria manifested in accusing Damascus of alleged chemical attack in Douma area,” Dr. Arissian asserted. 

She pointed out that the statement of the People’s Assembly [Parliament] called on the International Parliamentary Union, the Islamic Cooperation Organization and all international and regional parliamentary organizations to shoulder their responsibilities and to denounce the US-led aggression on Syria.

‘Trump’s Twitter diplomacy’

“The declaration of the strike against Syria and threats were tweeted by a high-ranking official [US President Donald Trump] and this was unprecedented way,” Dr. Arissian said, adding that twitter is being used now to release political statements, and it is called ‘Trump’s Twitter diplomacy’, which has been ridiculed by Russia.

Russia's deputy prime minister ridiculed President Donald Trump's Twitter diplomacy yesterday, saying that international relations should not depend on any individual's frame of mind.

"We cannot depend on the mood of someone on the other side of the ocean when he wakes up, on what a specific person takes into his head in the morning," Arkady Dvorkovich said, according to the Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti.

The MP, in addition, referred to an article written by George Friedman [ a US geopolitical forecaster, and strategist on international affairs] about the new shape of the Middle East. “For the moment, the United States, formerly the defining power of the region, is moving to the margins, and a new architecture has emerged,” the writer said.

She affirmed that Syrian people will go ahead with their steadfastness and confrontation of terrorism.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour