Retired French Colonel to ST: Nobody Can Win Nuclear War Prepared by Unreasonable Western Leaders over False Pretexts

The retired French colonel Mr. Alain Corvez has stressed that nobody can win the nuclear war being prepared by unreasonable western leaders of today over false flags pretexts, regretting the bad diplomacy of France which accepted to be a valet of the Atlantic Alliance and a member of the US-led "evil axis".

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Thursday that the western leaders of today are not reasonable and are preparing a nuclear war, as if they thought they could win it.” nobody can win a nuclear war nowadays. North Korea has understood that, and it seemed that the United States too, but it seems that things have changed in Washington.” 

 “A nuclear war decided on false flags pretexts -Syria using chemical weapons against its own people, Russia attempting to kill an old spy- will destroy the planet. If a historian survives this catastrophe he will have to explain the madness of some men and women and how their incredible lies were used to make Satan the genuine winner,” added Mr. Corvez, who is a counsellor for international strategy in Paris.

He underlined that a war cannot be declared without the agreement of the people, it is written in most democratic countries' Constitutions. “I see that USA, UK and France don't care about UN approval for their strikes, but what about the approval of their Parliaments and of their peoples? Are the French people happy with such a decision of strikes on Syria ? I am sure they aren’t. So where is is dictatorship?”

The French counsellor hopes that some reasonable persons in Washington, especially among the generals of the Pentagon who know the terrible consequences of such strikes, would be able to convince the hawks to stop marching to a nuclear war.

Forces govern western world are too strong to resist

He pointed out that Trump had announced during his campaign a wise vision of the new world, suggesting to discuss arrangements on conflicts kindly with other powers instead of waging expensive wars for America in men and dollars. So, the only explanation for this complete change since he has been in power is that he is obliged by some sort of secret forces to compel to the warring visions of the new government staff he has been forced to nominate.

“Actual President Macron said in his campaign that he will renew everything on these matters, as Trump did, but he has shown also that the forces which govern the western world are too strong to resist. He has accepted the position of UK on Skripal's attack, having changed his position after a few hours, as if an order came to remind him not to play an independent game. He is now enraged to follow up with the stupid and dangerous position of Trump on Syria,” Mr. Corvez said. 

He added: “As a French patriot, I regret very much the bad diplomacy of my country in that environment since the period of Chirac. Soon after his veto to the US invasion of Iraq, he prepared France to come back to NATO and his successors accomplished the total acceptance of being a valet of the Atlantic Alliance”.

The counsellor affirmed that European countries are no longer free to behave as independent from the Atlantic Alliance because it is written in the European Constitution, which does not exist but the Lisbon Treaty replaced it.

“Since the very beginning, the EU has been established under the dominion of USA, first as an icy land against USSR and now against Russia. That is why General de Gaulle was against this "supranational" construction and repeated that the future of Europe was to build a cooperation between sovereign nations from the Atlantic to Ural, because he knew perfectly that Russia was a vital part of Europe,” he said.

Mr. Corvez went on to say: “European countries are not free but some of them stay quiet and modest regarding this American domination, also some of them know the feeling of discontent of their population regarding the technocratic leadership of Brussels. But the French governments, let's say since Sarkozy, want to be the best pupil of the classroom !”

France lost its influence in the world

He asserted that France has lost the influence it had in the world and it is unable to decide anything in Syria, Palestine, or elsewhere. “France had influence in the world thanks to the policy of de Gaulle, who worked for the sovereignty of France but also of all countries in the world, respecting the different cultures and the right of each people to decide by itself of its future and the way it wished to be governed. But this policy changed.”

The retired French Colonel affirmed that his country’s hopes to influence US – in the name of EU- as regards Iran file vanished because EU countries are more interested in the arms of the neocons who govern America.

“Our policy to sell arms to Saudi Arabia which wage a war against the poor Yemen, committing war crimes against civilians, show that we are on the "evil axis" led by USA,” he added.

Alliance of evil

Last June, Mr. Corvez made a statement in UN in Geneva accusing western countries to be accomplices of Saudi crimes against humanity in Yemen by selling arms to it, and he repeated this statement in Brussels in an international conference organized by a brave European deputy, Patricia Lalonde, who dared to held an international conference on this matter in the heart of the European Union. But it seems that for the leaders and the strength of the mainstream media of the western world, the dead children, wives and innocent civilians people, killed every day by these weapons made in Europe, have no value regarding the interests they place in their alliance of evil.

He, in addition, underscored that the speech of Ambassador of Russia to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, in front of the Security Council on Monday April 9th summarized the real situation in the world.

“Due to the hubris of Washington and its allies the world has entered a dangerous tension because it seems that the small part of the world which is called " the western world", seems to be out of any logical  thinking. The neocons in Washington have lost their nerves because of accumulation of their losses and defeats in the world, especially in Syria but not only, and don't want to accept the new reality of the world which is that new powers have appeared and are defending their interests everywhere : China, India, Africa, South America, challenging the past supremacy of the United States and their allies which lasted only ten years, from 1990 to 2000 after the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

“So, the Russian ambassador said, UN is no longer able to preserve peace for the world as the American leaders have said that they don't care about it if it does not follow their will. Therefore, when we are in a mad world you cannot think reasonably with these people. You don't threaten a nuclear power with your smart missiles! It is the nuclear deterrent which has preserved the world from a third World War since the last one, because the leaders who had the button, Soviet Union and United States, were smart enough to know that their imperialism was limited by the impossibility to go too far and destroy the planet and the humanity which lives on.”, Mr. Corvez clarified.

He concluded by saying: “I know the suffering of my Syrian friends since seven years and how my country was in part responsible for that; I want to say that the French people is misled by media outlets which belong to this devil clique but more and more understand that they are deceived by the news and I hope one day, together with other European countries, they will react about all those liars.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour