Syrian Government to Continue Providing Services to Persons Evacuated from E. Ghouta

 The Syrian government will press ahead with offering services to the persons evacuated from the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus till the return of normal life to the area, Damascus Countryside Governor Mr. Alaa Ibrahim told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Saturday.

The governor made it clear that the total number of persons evacuated by the Syrian army from the East Ghouta- except Douma city- including armed persons and their families who were transported to Idlib, reached up to 125.091.

“There were 89.649 persons living in 11 temporary housing centers after being evacuated from Eastern Ghouta, but this number reduced to 44.053 as tens of thousands, including boys aged below 15 and old men aged over 60, went to their relatives homes in the country,” Mr. Ibrahim said, indicating that some persons returned to the centers from their relatives’ homes because they were not happy there.

 He made it clear that the Syrian government provides food, healthcare services, clothes and education to the evacuated persons in the temporary housing centers. “The government pays daily over 200 million Syrian pounds to meet the needs of evacuated persons. Moreover, it distributes food parcels plus bread to the persons returned to their homes in the Ghouta,” the governor said.

He pointed out that the government is also keen on offering healthcare services to those who are decided to go back to their homes in the said areas through sending ambulances and mobile clinics since dispensaries are out of service there.

“The government also has pumped water from stores to the temporary centers in order to provide the evacuated persons with water for daily shower as summer is coming. It is preparing further classes for children to study and giving identity cards to the children, whose mothers do not know who their fathers are because of the immoral practices of terrorists against girls and women,” Mr. Ibrahim added.

Governor hosted first 2 evacuated children at his home

He went on to say: “ I had hosted at my home the first two children evacuated from the East Ghout [10 –year old girl and 8-year old boy] and they told me how the terrorists were forcing their father to fight with them and were beating their mother in front of their eyes. These two children had no idea about studying in school and they had never seen a television. They were eating barley and sleeping on floors.”

The parents of these children were shot dead by terrorists as they were leaving the Ghouta through al-Wafidin corridor on March 3. So the psychological condition of the children was very bad. “ The governor’s daughter took the two children to play center and bought watches to them. They were very happy. They had lunch and dinner with the family of the governor at his home in Damascus.”

Now, the two children are living in the makeshift center in Herjaleh area, which is the largest and the best in the country as it is composed of apartments and its infrastructures are good. Over 14.000 persons are living there.

The children in this center are provided with toys, clothes and sweets. They prefer to spend their time watching TV all the night as they know nothing about it when they were living in Ghouta under the control of terrorist groups.

Readiness to harbor 100000 evacuated persons in makeshift centers

Actually, the Syrian government is doing its utmost to offer all types of support to the evacuated persons and it has prepared 5 makeshift centers to host the persons to be evacuated from Douma city, according to the governor, who asserted that the governorate of Damascus countryside is ready to harbor 100.000 persons in temporary housing centers.

“The number of civilian and military abductees being held by terrorist of Douma is not known yet but we are ready to host all the evacuated persons at makeshift centers,” Mr. Ibrahim said, indicating that the process of rehabilitating eastern Ghouta will start soon in order to guarantee the return of persons to their homes.

“We will hold a meeting soon with the government in order to define the role of state institutions in rehabilitating Ghouta and we are working on the return of persons to their homes in Shab’a area,” the governor said.

He concluded by saying: “The terror war being waged on Syria targets its capabilities and youths. I call on armed persons to surrender and to stop destroying their areas. We [government] respect people’s freedom and preserve their traditions and habits.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour