Syrian MPs say Trump’s Syria withdrawal comment is either ‘clean exit’ or ‘blackmail attempt’

Although it is hard to foresee whether the US President Donald Trump has been serious or not about his unexpected announcement last Thursday that the US would ‘be coming out of Syria like very soon’, it is important to know what the US withdrawal from Syria will mean to Damascus and Washington.

From the viewpoint of the Secretary of the Syrian People’s Assembly [Parliament] Khalid Abboud, this move would be a ‘clean’ exit as it became the only choice for the United States.

 “The US president was talking truthfully, despite the fact that he was often a liar…The clean exit from Syria became the only choice for the US because of its failure to achieve its goals,” he said, asserting that the presence of the US troops in Syria became useless for the US.

The MP made it clear that the survival of US troops in Syria means that they will be defeated directly. So it is better for these troops to withdraw under a political cover or a political pretext based on the US success in defeating terrorism in Syria while the international partners will take care of it now.

“The US is no longer able to realize any goals and it is better for it to leave the region in order not to increase the defeats of Trump administration,” Abboud added.

ME conflict

However, the Syrian MP Ahmad Me’rei said that the US troops won’t withdraw from Syria as long as the conflict in the Middle East continues, affirming that the US looks forwards to getting more money from Gulf states.  

“The US president talked in his speech in Ohio about US achievements against ISIS and his will to turn his attention towards domestic issues, and at the same time, he addressed the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) saying that he wants more money or he will leave Saudi Arabia alone in Syria,” the MP clarified.

He underscored that the US has no plan to leave Syria in the light of its conflict with Iran.

“The US considers its withdrawal from Syria as a victory for Russia and Iran and this is unacceptable for it. Therefore, I see that there is US blackmail attempt and a search for policies of financial support from Gulf states,” Mer’ei added.

Another comment on the Trump’s announcement was made by the MP Alan Baker, who said that the announcement was unclear and it was not based on reconsideration of the situation in the region. 

“We are sure that the victory of the Syrian army and its allies over foreign-backed terrorists in Syria was a knockout blow to the US plot, which was foiled despite all the western attempts made for the success of this plot,” he asserted.

US officials

In this context, CNN quoted yesterday some US national Security officials as saying that the US withdrawal from Syria would not only undermine American credibility in the region but prompt a significant escalation to an already devastating conflict.

The officials warned that now is not the time to withdraw from Syria because this move could help ISIS, weaken the so-called ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’, secure Iran’s regional influence, lead to the recapture of oilfields -currently controlled by US-backed allies [SDF]- by Syrian government.

Regardless Trumps’ announcement, the US troops have to leave Syria because the Syrian army won’t allow occupation forces [US and Turkish forces] to stay in the country. It is a matter of time.


Basma Qaddour