Syrian MP: Washington to Use Its Influence over Some Kurdish Forces to Save Erdogan’s Face

The US Administration will use its influence over some Kurdish forces in order to find exit to Erdogan from his aggression on Afrin region without humiliation, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmad Mer’ei, who asserted that there must be a Syrian-Iranian-Russian agreement to foil the Turkish regime’s plot in the region.

“The US President Donald Trump won’t allow Erdogan to achieve military triumph over Kurds in Afrin and -at the same time- the US troops won’t attack the ‘People’s Protection Units’ as well as Turkey won’t dare attack the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ in Menbej area where the US troops are deployed,” The MP said.

Mer'ei expects a joint Turkish-US action in Menbej and Senjar areas.

“The Turkish regime’s failure to make advance in Afrin in two months embarrasses the Turkish army, which is the second-largest military force in NATO… If Turkey makes any advance in Afrin region, it will be subject to endings,” Dr. Mer’ei added.

 He indicated that the importance of Turkey’s membership in NATO is to "threaten the swift flank of the Soviet Union in Central Asia and the Caucasus, but this threat is ineffective right now because of the current strength of Iran and the return of the Russian Federation to its leading role in the previous Soviet republics in Central Asia."

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the ‘Asian range’ across the Black Sea won’t be opened in the future, according to Dr. Mer’ei, who clarified that Russia does not want to clash with Turkey and it wants to keep it far away from the United States as much as possible.

The MP made it clear that the Kurdish forces run psychological warfare that coincides with military action, while Turkey wants to have western guarantees as the Kurdish groups remain steadfast. “But Turkey can’t get guarantees from Moscow, which does not manage the Kurdish game- unlike Washington which is the main military supporter for Kurds.”

The occupation of Afrin region by the Turkish regime means to connect the land road, which extends from Jarablus to al-Bab, Ezaz and Afrin, and to keep Erdogan in power for years, according to Dr. Mer’ei, who reiterated that Turkey wants to establish- directly or indirectly -what it calls a safe zone of influence for it.

He referred to the current demographic and educational change in Jarablus and in other areas, which serves the interest of the Turkish regime that seeks to have hegemony over the area through pro-Turkish forces.

“”There must be a mechanism to drain the Turkish regime to prevent it from achieving its goal,” Dr. Mer’ei concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour