Escalating Terror Attacks Won’t Affect Combat Plan Delineated by the Syrian Army

In yet further terror escalation, Damascus city has witnessed fatal terror mortar and rocket attacks carried out by foreign-backed terrorist groups in the Eastern Ghouta against innocent civilians besides fierce clashes between ISIS and al-Nusra Front terrorists in Yarmouk camp, south of the city.

These ongoing clashes and terror attacks will never affect the combat plan delineated by the competent authorities in the Syrian state, according to the Member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) Anwar Raja and the Syrian Strategic and political analyst Dr. Hasan Hasan, who gave separate statements to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

 “The terrorist gangs in the Yarmouk camp try to launch attacks in order to prove to their elements that they are able to go ahead with confrontation. But this comes within political foolishness,” Raja said, asserting that these terrorist gangs, who make up for lost time, will achieve nothing and will not put pressure on Palestinian forces alliance in the camp.

He made it clear that ISIS terrorists currently fighting in Yarmouk camp have fought for other groups carrying different names before joining ISIS to get money.

“Recently, ISIS terrorists captured some sites held by al-Nusra Front in Yarmouk camp in an attempt to reinforce their positions. But this will have no effect on the balance of power in the camp,” Raja affirmed, indicating that "the number of al-Nusra Front terrorists in the camp is small compared to that of ISIS terrorists which is about 1000-1200."

The PFLP-GC official reiterated that the terrorists hold the remaining civilians in the camp – 5000 persons- as human shields after they displaced more than 1.195.000 persons and looted and burned their homes.

“Certainly, the terrorist groups will increase their terror attacks against civilians in the capital as there will be a military decisiveness in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus,” Raja said, stressing that the Syrian people stand by their army and leadership because they believe that victory over terrorist groups is sure.

Each terrorist group seeks to be sole agent for foreign sponsor

In this context, the Syrian Strategic and political analyst Dr. Hasan said that all the terror groups that turn their guns towards the Syrian state implement the orders of their regional and international masters in accordance with the so-called “Creative Chaos” and the “New Middle East”theories.

“What is happening in Syria serves only the Zionist entity’s interests,” he added, pointing out that the recent terror escalation in the north and south of the country came after shooting down the Israeli F-16 fighter jet by the Syrian army, which achieved major victories over terrorism in several areas.

The strategic expert underscored that fighting each other, each terrorist group seeks being the sole agent of the foreign sponsor in order to receive further money and arms.

“Despite the clashes among terrorist groups, we find them suddenly turn their guns towards Syrian army and civilians.. The scores of mortars and rockets being fired by terrorists on Damascus prove what I have said,” Dr. Hasan said.

$149 billion spent to topple Syrian state

He went on to say that Saudi Arabia directly supports ISIS terrorists in Yarmouk camp, while al-Nusra Front terrorists in the camp are backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. “Turkey, Zionist enemy [Israeli] and the US also support the terrorist groups in Syria. When these groups receive a painful blow from Syrian army, the US and Zionist enemy intervene directly through carrying out aggression on sites in the country in order to tell the terrorists: "continue your terror acts and we won’t forsake you". 

Dr. Hasan referred to the fact that Qatar’s former Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassem had admitted that Gulf States spent $137 billion to topple the Syrian state, while the American official admitted that the United States spent $12billion for the same purpose.

“This is an evidence that the terrorist groups operating in Syria, regardless their names, have regional and international masters,” he said.

The expert ended his statement by saying: “the Syrian army, which is pressing ahead with fulfilling its national, constitutional and moral tasks till the liberation of all areas from terrorists, wages battles in accordance with priorities set by the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces, not by the enemy [terrorist groups and their masters].

Concisely, there is nothing more loathsome or despicable than what the terrorist groups and their masters are doing now in Syria.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour