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Sen. Richard Black to ST: Poison Gas Claims Have always Been False, but Used to Justify War

The US Senator Richard Hayden Black has affirmed that the allegations of Sarin gas have been long used as pretext to justify war, ruling out a full and open attack against Syria by the United States that use "Kurds" to split up the country.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the Senator said: “The CIA, MI-6 [The Secret Intelligence Service in UK] and other Coalition intelligence agencies make claims of poison gas whenever they need to prop-up public support for military action. The claims have always been false, but the Secretary of Defense just stumbled and admitted that they were false.”

 He referred to the fact that the February 8, 2018 front page of Newsweek headline reads, “NOW MATTIS ADMITS THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE ASSAD USED POISON GAS ON HIS PEOPLE.”

“Western media have no interest in truth—only propaganda,” Sen. Black stressed, wondering why not one so-called ‘journalist’ has ever asked the obvious question: Why would Syria gas civilians instead of enemy troops?  Why use poison gas on civilians with baby strollers when you could use them against terrorists with tanks, artillery, and guns?  They never ask this question because there is no rational answer—there is no reason anyone would ever do this.

Asked about the U.S support for the Kurdish forces, the senator replied that the U.S. uses Kurds to divide Syria and the State Department does not care whether Kurds live or die.

“The U.S. has convinced many Kurds that they can seize Muslim and Christian homes, businesses, and farms, and use them to make a new state.“Rojova” is a creation of the CIA.  It never existed before the U.S. organized it.  The U.S. declared that it would not give the Kurds more arms or support.  On November 24, 2017, The Washington Post reported “Trump tells Turkish president U.S. will stop arming Kurds in Syria.”  However, the U.S. is still supplying Kurds through a system of 10 U.S. military bases that we have constructed in northern Syria,” he said.

U.S. does not arm Kurds in Afrin because it has no interest in seizing that part

The Senator went on to say: “The U.S. does not seem to be arming Kurds in Afrin, since we have no interest in seizing that part of Syria.  However, I doubt we will stop arming and paying the Kurdish forces north of the Euphrates unlessthe Arabs in Northern Syria beginto organize effective guerilla actions there.  When that happens, we may simply abandon Kurds there, just like we seem to be doing in Afrin.”

He made it clear that the "Border Security Forces" were organized to allow the Kurdish minority to split up Syria and to capture Syrian oil and water resources.  They were formed to fight off the Turks and Syrian forces.

“For now, the west is still using ISIS to screen the eastern side of “Rojova.”  Eventually, ISIS will be eliminated and perhaps integrated into the Kurdish-dominated forces.  Then, Kurds will also defend the Iraqi border.  At that point, “Rojova” will be a landlocked island, with enemies on every side.  It will be highly unstable and may be used to start a future war in the Middle East.”

The senator indicated that the U.S. just attacked Syrian forces that were crossing the Euphrates River to attack an ISIS pocket. During the siege of Deir Ezzor, the U.S. bombed for a full hour before ISIS attacked and seized a strategic hill. 

“I do not expect a full and open U.S. attack against Syria, but I do believe we will use military force to help Kurdish forces seize Syrian territory north of the Euphrates and in other locations,” he added.

Useful peace talks must come from nations closest to Syria

Commenting on the intra-Syrian talks, the senator said:” The Sochi Talks have been highly productive.  But the Geneva Talks are useless; they have prolonged the war.  I believe that any useful peace talks must come from the nations closest to Syria, and not from the U.S. and its allies.

“I am pleased that the terrorists in Idlib seem to be weaker than expected.  The Syrian Arab army(SAA) has done a magnificent job of driving them out.  Soon, the SAA will lay siege to Idlib itself, and eventually drive them from the entire provinceI am also pleased that the struggle against enemy forces in the Damascus suburbs is making progress."

“It is a great shame that General Michael Flynn was ousted as our National Security Advisor.  He respected the Syrian people, and I believe he sincerely desired peace in Syria.  I constantly pray for all the good people of Syria, and hope that peace and rebuilding will soon return,” the senator added. 

He said in conclusion: “May God bless Syria, its President and the gallant soldiers who defend it.  Their skill, courage and tenacity will go down in history, and military officers of many nations will study their battles for centuries to come.”

It is worth noting that Senator Black spent 32 years in military service.  He flew 269 combat helicopter missions in Vietnam and also fought in fierce ground combat as an officer in the elite 1st Marine Regiment.  He was wounded and his radiomen were killed attacking enemy positions.  He eventually served at the Pentagon.  He has served 14 years as an elected official in the Virginia House and Senate.  In 2015, he was designated an enemy of ISIS, which called him ‘The American Crusader’.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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