Iran’s Ambassador in Damascus Says His Country Will Powerfully Participate in Rebuilding Syria

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Syria Javad Torkabadi has reiterated that his country will continue to support Syria in confronting the global aggression being launched against it since 2011 and it will powerfully participate in rebuilding it.

During an interview with several Syrian media outlets, including the Syriatimes e-newspaper, at the headquarters of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on Thursday, the ambassador made it clear that Syria and Iran enjoy deep-rooted relations and Iran has provided Syria with all available types of support including consultations since the beginning of the aggression on it.

 “Syria faces a global aggression that aims to partition the region and to turn it into hotbeds of conflict held by Zionist tyrants,” Mr. Torkabadi said, indicating that Iran has supported the ambitions of the Syrian people- since the start of the aggression- to protect Syria’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

The ambassador asserted that his country will stand by the Syrian people and government till they regain control over all areas in the country and it will cooperate with them to rebuild the ‘beautiful country’ [Syria] which was damaged by the aggression.

Syrian-Iranian relations ‘strong’

He referred to Syria’s support for Iran during the eight-year war imposed on Iran in 1980s and explained how Tehran succeeded in making remarkable technical, scientific and economic developments despite the siege imposed on it since the victory of Islamic Revolution under Imam Khomeini's leadership on February 11, 1979.

“We highly appreciate Syria’s support for Iran in the 1980s… Iran and Syria enjoy excellent, brotherly and deep-rooted relations established by the late leaders: Imam Khomeini and president Hafez al-Assad. These relations have remained strong and have supported the just causes, including the Palestinian cause. The two countries are against the Zionist entity, which will remain an enemy until it is completely eradicated,” the ambassador said.

He went on to say that Iran has friendly and stable relations with neighboring countries and it has a democratic system based on constitution approved by its people after the victory of the Islamic revolution.

“Iran’s strategic geographical location made the country plays a key role in the international meetings,” Mr. Torkabadi stressed, describing the Iranian-Russian relations as ‘strong’.

Intra-Syrian talks

Russia’s stance towards Syria and its presence in it have been positive and active and have helped ward off sedition and eliminate a lot of terrorist groups, according to the ambassador, who affirmed that the Syrian national dialogue congress held in Sochi is an important step to yield progress that contributes to ending the ongoing war in Syria.

“We support a Syrian-Syrian dialogue without foreign intervention and I think that the United Nations must back it. Therefore, I see that this step will correct and back the outcomes of the other political tracks,” he said, asserting that Iran supports Syria’s call for the countries that intervene in its internal affairs to stop doing that.

“We hope that the ongoing talks and communications will lead to end the crisis, not to escalate it,” Mr. Torkabadi added, underlining that the Syrian people have triumphed in their war over terrorism and history will record this difficult stage.

Victory of humanity

Moreover, the ambassador talked about the events that took place in late December in Iran saying: “Some countries and destructive media outlets had tried to turn ordinary demonstrations into violent riots in order to destabilize the country, but they failed because of the wisdom of the Iranian leadership and the unity of people.”

He concluded by saying that the victory of the Islamic Revolution represents the victory of right and Iran will mark this victory every year because it is the victory of humanity, morals and correct doctrine.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour