Dr. Aysar Midani to ST: The West Distorts Image of Syrian Army’s Victories

Whenever the Syrian army achieves victories over foreign-backed terrorists in Syria, the west launches heinous campaigns based on fabricated reports against the Syrian army and president in order to distort the image of these victories before the world public opinion.

 "These misleading campaigns, which keep promoting lies to show the Syrian army and president as "criminals" killing the Syrian people and using chemical weapons against them, come within the colonial policy that seeks to destroy Syria and occupy it," said Syrian expatriate, Dr. Aysar al-Midani, who explained to the Syriatimes e-newspaper how the western media, including the French one, use terms distorting the image of victories being achieved by the Syrian army and allies. 

“When the Syrian army was liberating Aleppo from terrorists in 2016, the western media outlets claimed that the ‘Syrian regime’ used barrel bombs against civilians and they tried to accuse the Syrian government of targeting humanitarian aid convoys. The aim was to prevent the Syrian army from defeating the terrorists there,” she said, indicating that the United States and its allies resorted to the UN Security Council to prevent the liberation of Aleppo but they failed because of the Russian/Chinese veto.

Dr. Midani went on exposing the lies of the western media by presenting another example of fabricated reports.

“The French ‘le Monde’ described the liberation of Aleppo from terrorists as a fall into the hands of the ‘Syrian regime’. In the meantime, the ‘France 2’ TV channel broadcasted a documentary entitled ‘The Hidden Scream’ claiming that the Syrian soldiers rape girls in Syria” Dr. Midani said, asserting that the girls appeared in the documentary were raped by ISIS terrorists.

The French media outlets also are very tight-lipped about the national reconciliation deals, they use the terms “forced displacement”, “demographic change” and “ethnic cleansing” to refer to these deals.

“France does not want to change the distorted image it portrayed and circulated in its media outlets about Syrian army and president over the past seven years,” Dr. Midani affirmed, pointing out that France is one of US allies and it is against Syria because it wants to re-occupy it and to have hegemony over its wealth. 

Personal initiative

The active Syrian expatriate has played a pivotal role in unveiling the reality of events before the French people. She publishes -every two weeks- on twitter a video in French language on the events in Syria and around 7000-8000 persons are following her.

“I received a lot of comments from the followers about the 33 videos I had published. Some of them told me that they were disgusted with lies circulated by French media outlets, others said that they feel ashamed to be French because France is causing pain to the region’s peoples.”

Her initiative is actually an example to be followed by every Syrian person, who has a will to defend the country that fights terrorism on behalf of the whole world.

Dr. Midani, who is a chairperson of NOSTIA [Network of Syrian Scientists, Technologists and Innovators Abroad] and chairs the ‘Ahfad Ashtar’ Institute, participates every year in a lecture on Syria in Geneva and she holds activities in France to uncover the French media lies and inform the public opinion about what is really going on in Syria.  Last month,  She organized a symposium at Abo Remmaneh cultural center in Damascus on how the Western media deals with the Syrian army’s victories.

She conveyed during the symposium the message of the British investigative Journalist, Venessa Beely, who had visited Aleppo and many areas in Syria during the ongoing war on the country.

“Beely adheres to media ethics and she is a professional journalist. She shows in her reports how the Syrian people support their army and leadership. She supports the Syrian people and criticizes the British government’s involvement in the wars taking place in the region,” Dr. Midani said, indicating that Beely gave two lectures in Switzerland and Ireland to unmask the nature of the west-funded ‘White Helmets’ operating in Syria.

She concluded by saying: “Will can defeat the vast potentials of the west and I am sure that the Syrian army will liberate all areas in Syria from foreign-backed terrorists.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour