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Administrative Development Minister to ST: Syria Will Rise by Its National Cadres

 “Hand in Hand for Development and Reform’ is the slogan of a campaign recently launched by the Ministry of Administrative Development that has the task of convincing  and encouraging citizens in Syria to be active partners with government in finding weak points in each state institution for making qualitative change in the post-war period. 

The campaign, besides several activities held by the above mentioned ministry, paves the way for launching a website, which will measure the level of corruption, facilities, the satisfaction of citizens and employees and the quality of services, according to Dr. Salam Saffaf, Minister of Administrative Development.

 The minister, who has been reasonably sure of the success of the national project for administrative reform despite all challenges, works around the clock with her staff, which is composed of 70 state well-qualified employees- for publishing the first report on measurement of administrative performance by the end of this year after citizens’ interaction with the issue of evaluating the state institutions' performance.

“The project is based on accurate and scientific methods. It is similar to magnetic resonance imaging that gives undoubted image for diagnosing the condition,” Dr. Saffaf told the Syriatimes e-newspaper, indicating that the purpose of publishing the result of evaluating institutions' performance is to be transparent.

"The citizen has the right to know the result of the evaluation as he/she will take part in it. Moreover, each institution has to address the weak points and complaints," she added. 

The minister explained to us the details of the project at the beginning of the interview and asserted that if the response of citizens reached up to 30% in the light of the current circumstances, the project will be successful.

President Bashar al-Assad launched the project in June 2017 and he clarified the mechanism of implementing the project, which is based on several axes: creating the Center of Administrative Assessment and Support, Administrative Performance Observatory, Human Resources Service Center and launching a website to communicate with citizens in this regard.

The project was launched around 3 years after the establishment of the Ministry of Administrative Development in accordance with the presidential decree No. 39 in August 2014. 

‘Wise decision’

Dr. Saffaf described the decision of establishing the ministry during the war as a ‘wise decision’ because it is necessary to rehabilitate the state institutions after the end of the war on the country in order not to go back to the state of chaos as the administrative performance had developed arbitrarily over the past decades.

“The project depends only on national cadres and this reflects President al-Assad’s trust in national cadres inside Syria,” the minister added, affirming that the success of the project necessitates patience, confidence and real will.

"It is a matter of time", according to Dr. Saffaf, who referred to the cooperation between all ministries, states institutions and even civil society in Syria to achieve the goals of the project that serves national interest.

“Syria will rise by its national cadres,” Dr. Saffaf concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour