Opposition Figure to ST: Any Talks outside Syria Must Pave the Way for National Conference in Damascus

Secretary General of the National Youth Party for Justice and Development (Youth Party for Building and Change) has stressed that the west tries through Geneva talks to prolong the crisis in Syria and to impose its will upon the Syrians

Berwin Ibrahem told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Saturday that the west wants to reach solutions to the crisis in Syria in Geneva talks, which is a western platform, in order to impose its will on the Syrians and to draw a road map for Syria.

 “Evidently, the Geneva talks on Syria have achieved nothing so far and this has politically embarrassed the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, who made remarks disclaiming his responsibility for the ramifications of the talks,” she said.

The internal opposition figure affirmed that Geneva talks reached a critical stage because it is dominated by the west which wants to make solutions that would never be accepted by the majority of Syrians.

She believes that any conference outside Syria must pave the way for a national conference in Damascus under neutral international patronage and that is based on transparency and that serves the Syrian national interest.

“Vienna Talks on Syria were held before the forthcoming Sochi congress- scheduled to be held on January 29-30 in Russia- to empty the congress of its expected contents,” Ibrahim added, pointing out that during the Sochi congress her party will present a paper about the necessity of formulating the solutions of the crisis in Syria in a conference in Damascus with the participation of all parties after creating suitable circumstances.

She, in addition, underlined that the western media outlets do not recognize the Syrian internal opposition and they prefer what she called the equation of "the regime and external opposition".

“Western media does not see independent internal national opposition in Syria and it likes the equation of 'regime and external opposition' because it is the base for the continuity of the crisis in Syria and for imposing the western solutions,” Ibrahem stated.

She concluded by saying that it is necessary to find a common popular ground for the culture of opposition in Syria.

The foundation of the NYPJD was officially announced in April 2012. 

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour