Syria’s Territorial Unity ‘Red Line’, Stresses MP Nora Arissian

The Syrian member of parliament Dr. Nora Arissian has called on Turkey to abandon its expansion dreams, reiterating that Syria’s territorial unity is a red line and no one will be allowed to encroach on it.

She told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Wednesday that the Turkish aggression on Afrin region comes within Turkish aggressions on the Syrian territory and sovereignty and it is part of Turkey’s new Ottoman empire dreams.

“Had the international community had condemned Turkey’s atrocities against Armenians, Syriacs and region’s peoples, Turkey would not have dared to carry out an aggression on Syrian areas,” she added, indicating that she said this statement during her today’s intervention in the People’s Assembly [Parliament].

 The MP pointed out that the Syrian Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs and the Parliament had denounced the aggression and called on the international community to adopt measures to stop it immediately.

“The Turkish aggression goes in harmony with the US destructive policy that aims to partition the region, fuel tension and hinder any solution to the region’s crises,” Dr. Arissian said, affirming that the policy of the United States in Syria aims to keep its military presence, not to fight the ISIS terror organization [ also known as Daesh or IS].

She went on to say: “Turkey must abandon its expansion dreams related to annexing new Syrian areas.. The continuity of conflict between Turkey and Kurds in the region will lead to attrition.”

As for the timing of the Turkish aggression on Afrin region, the MP made it clear that Turkey tries to make strategic gains on the ground to invest them in talks on Syria.

“We have to realize that the US-backed Turkish aggression, which aims to create new situation, will be failed. Actually, it has been proved that the Turkish regime has been adopting wrong and dangerous policies in Syria,” Dr. Arissian stated.

She concluded by saying that Afrin is a Syrian region and the unity of Syrian territory is a red line.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour