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Iran and Another Failed Soft Coup Attempt from the United States

To the great frustration of the US government, the situation in Iran is back to normal following a recent wave of protests, some of which were peaceful and called for economic reforms and some others turned violent in a number of Iranian cities because of US and Saudi-backed gangs that took over the initiative in some cities and destroyed and damaged public and private property. The aim was to ignite civil unrest that leads to mass demonstrations to take over the Iranian government. Millions of Iranians reacted to this unrest by showing their support for their leaders and political system through daily demonstrations.

In a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper, Kris Janssen, a Belgian Consultant and Political Analyst in Middle Eastern and North African Political Affairs, explained the situation in Iran and talked about the objectives of the US-backed scheme against the country.

 The street protests which broke out in the Iranian city of Mashhad on December 28th, 2017, and which spread to other Iranian cities, including Tehran, were of a much smaller scale and nature than what the Western media tried to make their public believe with its usual disinformation techniques. At this moment, the situation in Iran is back to normal to the great frustration of the American government, said Janssen who is currently in Iran to attend the 2nd Tehran Security Conference.

What really happened?

He made it clear that the demonstrations which broke out in Mashhad and spread to other cities were mostly peaceful and disciplined. The main reason was economical relating to unemployment, inflation and poverty. Everyone in Iran is aware of these economical problems and fully understand and accept the right of the people to make their voice heard and make their message clear by having PEACEFUL demonstrations. The right to peacefully demonstrate is even recorded in the Constitution under article 27.

"The government of President Rouhani and the whole top of the political establishment in Iran heard the message and understood that these problems need to be solved with utmost priority. Important meetings with Parliamentary groups already took place and I believe that we will see a lot of progress and improvements in the near future for the common people in Iran," the analyst added.

The violence and the role of the United States and Saudi Arabia

Highlighting the US and Saudi role in Iran events, Janssen said "the obsessive hatred from the United States toward the Islamic Republic of Iran is no secret. The American President Donald Trump made this several times very clear by using vulgar and childish language spread through his Twitter account which, if not known, one would think it belongs to a 12 year old schoolgirl. Why does the White House have an official spokesperson and a press office? For Trump Twitter rules. But is this the kind of professionalism we would expect of the President of the United States?"

"This hatred from the United States towards the Islamic Republic of Iran was theatrically  demonstrated by Nikki Haley, America’s ambassador to the United Nations, in a hysterical way when she showed what she called the “prove” of Iran’s influence in Yemen, supporting the Ansar Allah movement (also sometimes known under the name “Houthis”) against the pro-Saudi Arabian militias, when this Ansar Allah movement launched a ballistic missile against the Saudi aggressor and Haley afterwards showed the remnants of the missile to the international press pretending it was an Iranian missile while, in fact, she had no proof at all. Once again making a joke of American diplomacy under the Trump administration," Janssen clarified.

Back to Iran, Janssen went on to say, soon after the peaceful demonstrations broke out, violent elements took over the initiative in some Iranian cities and destroyed and damaged public and private property. But much worse, several people were hurt and killed by the acts of these rough elements. These criminal elements have nothing to do with the peaceful demonstrators demanding economic reform. The purpose of the violent gangs was to ignite civil unrest resulting in massive demonstrations and mass-mobilizations to take over the government and destroy the governmental system chosen and supported by the majority of the  Iranian people… the Islamic Republic.

Where did the violent vandals and terrorists get their orders from and by who were they supported?

As already mentioned above, the Trump administration is pathologically obsessed in destroying Iran and it never hid this in words or in actions as, for example, his intention to tear up the JCPOC (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). After the unrest broke out in Iran he unleashed a barrage of Twitter messages to incite the Iranian people to carry out violent demonstrations against the government and the political system. Of interest here is that an investigation of the Iranian security services showed that 27% of the messages on the social networks inciting the Iranian people to violence had their origin in Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabi ally of the United States, known for her support for Daesh (ISIS) and many other takfiri groups responsible for the dead of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Syria and Iraq. The investigation of the Iranian Intelligence services proved without any doubt the link between these rough elements making havoc in Iran and their American and Saudi Wahhabi masters. 

Old dirty tricks... the people know better

The Belgian analyst stressed that the tactic of regime change by inciting the citizens of a country to civil unrest and by doing so creating the conditions for a soft coup is nothing new. In recent history the change of government in Ukraine is a perfect example of how to influence and brainwash a population by burying them under a wave of fake and inflammatory messages on social networks, he explained.

"But even long before the existence of the public internet and social networks, this method was already used many times. Think of Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe during the time of the Soviet Union and the Cold War. Two radio stations transmitting on shortwave, operated under CIA control  and hugely funded by the American government, to incite the people in the Soviet Union and the people in Eastern European countries, politically allied to the Soviet Union, to rise up and destroy the system under false promises," he said.

"And how important was media propaganda during the Vietnam war to make the public, not only in Vietnam but also in Europe, believe that the horrific American actions were in fact a necessity to destroy Communism and protect the people against it," he wondered, noting that now, 2017… 2018, the internet and social networks are much more efficient but in the end it’s still the old game in new clothes.

Iranians' reaction

On how the Iranian people reacted to this soft coup attempt carried out by the Americans, their Wahhabi Saudi friends and their few naive proxies operating in Iran, Janssen said that "the Iranian people will never fall in an amateurish trap as this American coup attempt. The Iranians know the American governments. Remember the coup d’état by the CIA and British Intelligence against the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mosaddegh in 1953 when he nationalised the Iranian oil industry? And how the United States supported Saddam Hussain in the 8 year war against Iran just after the proclamation of the Islamic Republic? Is the CIA really so naive that they think they can so easily fool the Iranian people?"

"The answer to this question was shown to the whole World when, after these criminal actions, day after day millions of Iranians demonstrated on the streets to show their support for their leaders and political system," stressed Janssen.

"Economical reforms, yes. Capitulating to American imperialism? NEVER!", he concluded.

Interviewed by Hamda Mustafa