The Gift

People all over the world wait for Santa Claus to bring them gifts ... Everyone wishes and puts his wishes next to that twinkling tree that symbolizes love, hope and peace.

Here in our village, our joys have been different since Christmas ... Our joy was manifested in

the unexpected big gift that amazed everyone in the village. It is the visit of Mr. President and his family to the house of, Yassin Hawairy, who is one of the wounded soldier in the Syrian Arab army. 

His visit was surprising and unexpected, His Excellency with his wife and his children entered the simple house  where they sat with the wounded and his parents talked with them and got acquainted with the small project that he runs after leaving the battlefields where he has become unable to offer more but will determination and steadfastness.

Talk about Mr. President's visit to him, Hawairy said:  " Mr. President's visit to me has compensated me for all my suffering and pains throughout the last three years. I do not want anything more and will not ask for anything else. It is enough for me to see him talking  to me just like a compassionate father caring  for my health, injuries  and how I live. He sat among us and talked to us like a brother, a father and a friend".

Mr. President said to me, Hawairy continued: "  Thanks to your  sacrifices  and to your comrades' steadfastness, courage and strength, Syria has won. We all owe to your sacrifices. You have provided all you can for your country and it is our duty now to provide all possible assistance to enable you complete your life with your family safely".

"Mr. President and his family left our house but they did not leave our hearts . It was not a normal day for me. I stayed awake until morning looking  at the photos  taken by my brother for me with his Excellency and with his family to make sure that what happened today was not just a dream. I remembered every word he said and every move he made.  He is an example of love and modesty." he concluded.

One of the family's neighbors said: "The president's visit to our village did not surprise me.

We used to see him with us everywhere. We see him with the soldiers on the battlefields, at  hospitals visiting the wounded, in schools with our children, in the  mosques in the churches in markets in the theaters and in the streets. He is one of us who feels us ... lives our joys and shares our sorrows and pains.

This visit has increased our belief that we are strong and  we will eliminate terrorism and Syria will prevail since we have a great leader like him."

Do you know what  a visit of  the president with his family to a wounded in a small remote village could mean ? It means that we are in a country that cannot be defeated because the leader and the people are one family comforting each other. As they were in peace time together they are also in war together, one family ... One big family including  the great leader and his family and all the people .

The leader teaches us that we are one people and our goal is victory whether we are martyrs,  wounded or still fighters on the fronts.

Amal Farhat , Homs Correspondent