Ibrahim Alloush to ST: France, Saudi Arabia Share with US Its Goal of Seeing Syria Destabilized, Fragmented

France is acting like a second fiddle to the US Administration, which seeks to continue destabilizing Syria through establishing the so-called ‘New Syrian Army’ and blocking any earnest effort to end the proxy war on Syria, An Arab political intellectual has affirmed.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, Dr. Ibrahim Alloush said: “France seems to share the same goal of seeing Syria destabilized and fragmented, along with the US government and “Israel”.  Evidently, it is vying for a “share of the pie” as it keeps trying to reserve for itself a place at the table.  In the case of the Geneva 8 conference, France is acting like a second fiddle to the US while seeking in vain to establish itself as some kind of reference point on Syria.  It is really an exercise in vanity and colonial arrogance by a defunct empire pretending that it is still a “major player” in what it calls the “Near East”.”

 The eight round of Geneva talks held this month was failed because of pre-conditions set by the so-called ‘Syria opposition’ [Riyadh platform], but France and the US administration blamed the Syrian government delegation for this failure.

“Saudi Arabia is obstructing the talks in Geneva to serve the agenda of the US and “Israel” in Syria.  That agenda is to keep Syria unstable by blocking any earnest effort to end the proxy war on Syria.  The so-called “opposition” delegation in the recently concluded eighth round of Geneva talks knows quite well that the Syrian Arab Republic has made decisive gains on the ground and that it has the upper hand in the war now,” the intellectual added.

He pointed out that Staffan Di Mistura himself called upon the so-called “opposition” delegation to recognize the realities on the ground.

“Syrian opposition” lost touch with reality

“Nevertheless, they have been adamant in their insistence upon unrealistic demands that they neither have ability nor the credibility to impose.  Their so- called “terms” have been rendered weightless by the reality of the balance of power militarily and politically.  Still, they insist on sabotaging the talks because their handlers outside Syria, be they Saudi, American, or “Israeli”, have deemed it necessary to obstruct the peaceful resolution of the war on Syria.  This is the effective meaning of their political position delineated in the so-called “Riyadh 2” conference.  Having lost touch with reality, they are demanding that they be handed over power in Syria on a silver plate, although they have lost!”, Dr. Alloush stressed.

Goals of the US establishment of the so-called ‘New Syria Army’

Asked about the goal of the establishment of the so-called the ‘New Syria Army’ by the United States, the political analyst replied: “The so-called New Syrian Army is really not that “new”, since that name was used repeatedly since 2011 by several terrorist factions operating in Syria.  For example, a previous “New Syrian Army” was established in 2015 by the United States in eastern Syria only to be disbanded one year later changing its name into something else as that New Syrian Army dissipated.  So this new attempt on the part of the US to establish a newer “New Syrian Army” in Hasakah, to be deployed later on in southernSyria, purports to provide the US with some leverage on the negotiating table in Geneva and elsewhere.  Seeing, as it did, that Syria and its allies have gained the upper hand in the ongoing war, and that neither the so-called “Free Syrian Army” nor al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria nor ISIS were a serious match to the Syrian Arab Army, the US Administration has decided to establish another terrorist group, from the remnants of defeated Al Nusra and ISIS terrorists, to continue destabilizing Syria.  In short, the destabilization of Syria is what is meant by saying that the priorities of the White House in Syria have not changed after the defeat of ISIS.  To achieve that purpose, another “New Syrian Army” is being established to be used as cannon fodder in the war on Syria just like the previous ones.”

The analyst also talked about the difference between the situation in Idlib and Raqqa provinces.

“Well, Idlib is a totally different ballgame than Raqqa.  In Idlib, battles are ongoing, with the Syrian Arab Army continuing to make progress, especially in the southeastern countryside of Governorate of Idlib, inching slowly towards Abu Douhour Military Airport, and liberating one village after another.  An assortment of terrorist groups have arrayed in Idlib wreaking havoc and engaging in constant in-fighting.  So it is high-time that Idlib be reclaimed by the Syrian state.  Raqqa, on the other hand, is being held by US-supported renegade groups, namely “Syrian Democratic Forces”, seeking to undermine the sovereignty of Syria and to impose an imaginary “red line” separating the regions lying on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River from the Syrian Arab Republic.  As such, it is the right and the obligation of the Syrian Arab Republic to reclaim those regions as well, especially since they are under a de facto occupation by the US government.  However, the situation in Raqqa and eastern regions is more intricate as it involves the potential of a risky escalation between the US on one hand and Syria and its allies on the other, including Russia and Iran of course.”

‘Israel’ is active sponsor of terrorists in Syria

Speaking about the situation in the south of the country, Dr. Allosh indicated that the Zionist entity has been an active sponsor of terrorist groups in Syria, particularly in the Golan Heights.

“Time and again, the Zionists have come to the aid of defeated and demoralized terrorist groups.  The Zionist entity has been actively participating in the war on Syria with dozens of raids and attacks targeting the Syrian Arab Army and its allies. So, the fight against takfiri and other terrorist groups and against the Zionist entity are two sides of the same coin.”

Regarding the current developments in the occupied Palestine and how the axis of resistance can help Palestinian people, the analyst said that the most important contribution the axis of resistance continues to make towards Palestine is the counterweight it represents to imperialism and Zionism in the region, and that is in addition to the many forms of tangible and political support it renders to the Palestinian resistance.  “Defeating sectarian and reactionary forces in the region is an integral part of defeating the Zionist occupation.”

Saudi Arabia’s reactionary tendencies

Dr. Alloush went on to say: “ Saudi Arabia seeks to normalize relations with the Zionist entity because it has been engrossed in a sectarian war on a regional scale based on a political myopia that deems the Zionist entity an “ally” and Iran as the main enemy.  Saudi Arabia, as the bulwark of Arab reaction, has been the natural complement to Zionism and imperialism in the region for many decades now.  As such, formalizing its relationship with the Zionist entity was really a matter of time.  It is a natural outcome of its reactionary tendencies, and since the Palestinian cause was marginalized by the so-called “Arab Spring”, Saudi Arabia has found it expedient to push forward with a formal alliance with Zionists.”

Here we wonder what the outcomes of Saudi regime’s formal alliance with the Zionist entity will be.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour